What a Wonderful Tax Day

For the first time in years I think today is a pretty good day. Even though its tax day of course it’s great to think of the the millions of people protesting across our great country. I have heard so many people state that these parties are not a Republican or Democrat issue. I don’t totally agree with that. It’s not rocket science to know and understand when it comes to lower taxes it relates to Republicans and when it comes to higher taxes it relates to Democrats. Republicans believe that if the folks keep more of their money it will be better for them while Democrats believe if they take more of your money it will help poor people. It’s really that simple to understand. Another take on this tax day issue is this. Our taxes are not that high yet. But of course they will be to pay for the uncontrolled wasteful spending that is being allowed to happen in Washington. Consider that if a politician were to come out and say we are raising taxes. It would most certainly be political suicide in today’s hate tax climate. What the dems are going to do for the next two years is hide taxes. They have already done this to people who use tobacco. Where was the media? It was a back page issue to them because it would have made more of us think about taxes. Wait until cap and trade passes. Our electricity bills will double because power companies will have to pay fees for the pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. All in the name of so called global warming. The media will of course be on the band wagon touting this as saving the planet. There are many other proposals out there in Washington right now similar to this. Of course it won’t be reported because they must keep it hid for fear of public outcry. I know when Obama stands up and reads off his teleprompter that 95% of all Americans will get a tax cut it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just think of all that’s hidden and keep an eye on your normal household bills over the next year or two. We’ll see if there’s really a tax cut.