De Lie About Default

They get away with it because Establishment Republicans are just as ignorant of the facts about default as the Leftist Gang.

Default is a failure to pay a coupon, ie. interest, on a bond. It’s been reported in Conservative outlets that America takes in over $200 Billion a month. The interest on our debt is about $25 Billion. Government receives enough money to pay the interest. Our debt is a performing debt, and there is no danger we will miss an interest payment. As long as we pay our interest investors in our debt have no incentive to refuse to continue renew the loan, ie. buy more bonds.

However, the Establishment Media, Establishment Punditry, Establishment Political Ruling Class play on fear. They whine about default when no such thing is going to happen, and because it’s all we hear on the tube and in the old paper and ink media, low information citizens believe it.

Inform your neighbors. We can by-pass the Leftists by telling each other the truth.