Neville Chamberlain In Our Time

I advocate defunding Obamacare. I still believe that is the best way to get rid of it for good. Failing that, the House should pass appropriations bill for each department, one at a time, saving HHS until last, and send them to the Senate, one at a time. Once the Senate takes them up, and passes them, send the next and so on. Let America see who really wants a shutdown.

For several days last week Conservatives warned that a vote YES on cloture on cutting off debate would allow Majority Leader Harry Reid, Barack Obama’s leading henchman, the authority to gut the CR, put funding for Obamacare back in, and keep the monster alive. We warned the GOP Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell of our concerns and asked for his help. He responded by turning off the phone in D.C. He responded by voting YES with Harry Reid, and things went exactly the way we said, but it was even worse.

Reid gutted the CR and added increased discretionary spending to the tune of almost $1 TRILLION. Reid could only do what he did if he received 60 votes first. He did it with the help and support of Mitch McConnell!

It is time we defeat Mitch McConnell. He holds us in contempt. He is the mole in the GOP conference. He is a Democrat collaborator of the worst sort, and it is time to send him packing by nominating Matt Bevin.

My singular focus between now and May of 2014 will be the successful election and nomination by the Republican Party of Kentucky for Matt Bevin for United States Senator from Kentucky. I hope all of you will join with me. Many of you are already on board, but we need more and more folks alerted to the danger that is Mitch McConnell. McConnell is a danger to Liberty, he is a danger to the economy, and he is an existential danger to America.

Don’t let Mitch McConnell weasel out of his vote YES on cloture to fund Obamacare. As sure as the world, he voted to give Harry Reid everything Reid needed to fund this evil law. McConnell will spend millions of lobbyist dollars to misrepresent the truth. He voted YES on cloture, the vote YES on cloture cut off debate, and the vote YES on cloture empowered Harry Reid to keep Barack Obama’s law intact. It is time for McConnell to go home and stay.

Please go to mattbevin.com today. Volunteer there. Donate to Matt’s campaign. And go to the site mudslingingmitch.com to learn the truth about Mitch McConnell’s lies about Matt Bevin. It is time we exposed the finger-lickin’ fraud Mitch McConnell, the Neville Chamberlain of our day.