#FLGov: These Primary Numbers Look Awful

Despite what you might think, Charlie Crist had an awful day yesterday. Oh sure he won, but praimies are always a good sample of what the general will look like in close races. And it looks like the enthusiasm gap is held by Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) right now.

Let’s break down the statewide numbers (rounding up to the nearest 1,000 mark due to the absentee ballots haven’t been counted yet):

Total votes: Total GOP turnout was 951,000 and DEM turnout total up to 835,000, a difference of 116,000 votes.

Rick Scott: 88% of GOP vote. Charlie Crist: 75% of DEM vote.

Rick Scott: 834,000 votes. Charlie Crist: 621,000 votes (835,000 Total DEM; DEMs ended up beating Rick Scott, but just barely)

If I was Charlie Crist’s campaign manager, I’d start drinking right now. No one can honestly look at these numbers and see them as a good sign. Hell, even Joy Reid (h/t Twitchy) wants to hit the panic button:

John Kennedy, Palm Beach Post reporter, breaks down some depressing county numbers for DEMs:

Since I am a Republican, I will instead say: Yay!!!

This next tweet should give any Florida Democrat some pause:

There is no good strategy left for Charlie Crist. Any attempts to move to the center will further alienate his Democratic/liberal base and staying to the left can hurt him with possible right-of-center independents and GOP votes. He can’t go forward, backward, or even stand-still.

Rick Scott will still have to earn every vote he gets, thus GOTV will be very important. But sans a complete meltdown, I don’t see how Charlie Crist can win this election. The numbers are just not adding up for Crist.

PS: Rick Scott for Florida Governor.

PPS: This will be my last article for this site. Nothing personal, I am just going to start posting everything on my own site.