Dear #EuroMaidan: President @BarackObama Is Not Your Friend

Everyone remembers this, no?

I dare you not to view that video with fresh new eyes.

I mean, do you honestly think that Obama’s statement was showing support for you guys? Ha! Peggy Noonan frisks the statement*:

Here is what Mr. Obama said Wednesday, as the moment approached crisis in Kiev: The U.S. holds the Ukrainian government “primarily responsible” for restoring peace. “We expect peaceful protesters to remain peaceful.” The U.S. is “monitoring very closely the situation.” The Ukrainian military should “not step into what should be a set of issues that can be resolved by civilians.” The U.S. will continue to “engage with all sides.”

With all due respect, this was not so much calibrated as meaningless, crouching and process-driven. Which side are we on?

You have to first have a Foreign Policy to pick a side. President Obama regrets his muted stance on Iran, but here he is not really doing anything again. It was only until the last minute that Obama said anything and, as Peggy Noonan points out, nothing at the same time. I mean, just look at Venezuela. The silence coming from the White House is deafening.

Walter Russell Mead thinks Russia can’t just “take over” Ukraine without falling over in the attempt:

Moscow cannot do the job without forcibly suppressing the western half of Ukraine. Such a war would be the most dangerous crisis in Europe since 1945 and one wonders whether the Putin government could survive a catastrophically expensive war and the ensuing isolation. Unless the intervention was lightening fast and the opposition was quickly suppressed, the cost of the war and the cost of pacifying and developing Ukraine in the aftermath would almost certainly wreck the Russian economy.

Not if the West just hands Ukraine over to Russia. If House Of Cards has taught us anything, is that everyone has a price**.

And what is Obama’s price? Why, success in Syria and Iran.

Why do you think Obama dropped the Missile Shield? What has that gotten us? Nothing that I know of. If Putin came to Obama and said he’ll trade Syria and Iran for Ukraine, I’m not entirely sure he’ll say no. All you are to him is just another white European, backwater country. Obama wants to be Putin’s friend, not your friend.

I, on the other hand, at least care about you. I may not be your best friend, but I’m a friend. So I will give you this advice: Trust no one, for anyone can and will sell you out to Russia. Until we get an American President with a backbone, you are on your own (for that, I am sorry). Dig in within Kiev and arm yourselves, to the teeth. I would only let someone hand me over to someone else, over my dead body. Move the government temporarily to Lviv, because if “IT” hits the fan you can quickly move them out to Poland and then set-up a government-in-exlie in Germany. These are only suggestions, so take them or leave them it is up to you. Above all, your fate is now in your hands. Do not let Russia or America steer the course for you.


*I hate linking to a locked article. However I have no choice here.

**And if you don’t have a price, then you get trampled under foot.