#UncleCharlie (aka @charliecristfl): @FLGovScott Is Laser Focused On #Jobs Creation

If you live in Florida, you know that Charlie Crist is thinking about running for Florida Governor again. This time, as a Democrat. On a plateform of …voter suppression?

Charlie Crist has signaled for months that voter suppression by Florida Republican leaders in 2012 will be a key line of attack against Rick Scott should Crist run for governor as a Democrat.

Of course, he doesn’t want to talk about jobs. He came into office with a Florida Unemployment rate of 3.5% and left with a rate of 11.1%. That’s 7.5% increase! In four years!

But the Tampa Bay Times is not letting Uncle Charlie off that easy. They actually do some real reporting:

But Crist wasn’t always so critical of such voter roll cleansing efforts. In 2008 everyone from the NAACP to League of Women Voters to the Brennan Center for Justice and Congressional Democrats attacked Crist’s “No match, no vote” aimed or scrubbing voters’ whose drivers license or Social Security numbers did not match the state database.

In the mean time, the RPOF wants to talk about something other about imagianary voter suppression. They want to talk about the real issues, like the economy and jobs. So the RPOF sent out a video yesterday:

The RPOF clearly wants to set the message: Jobs, Jobs, Jofbs*, Jobs…

Look, I stand behind my feelings on Rick Scott right now. I will vote against him in the primary as a protest vote and likely vote “none of the above” for governor in the general election. Maybe his new Lt. Governor pick might get me to vote for him, I don’t know.

What I do know is that Charlie Crist isn’t going back into the governor’s mansion anytime soon. I may dislike Rick Scott, but I dislike Charlie Crist even more.

If you donate money, I suggest donating to the RPOF and not to Rick Scott.


*But there’s no “F” in “Jobs”.

…Oh wait.