I Want A #MayorWeiner In #NewYork City

(Updated: Yes, I support the Weiner/Spritzer ticket. Why do you ask?)

Come, I will hide nothing from you: I want to see Anthony Weiner elected Mayor of New York City. And deep down, you know you want it too.

So here are the top ten reasons I want to see a Mayor Weiner:

10) Let’s be honest with ourselves. If New York City broke off into the Atlantic Ocean (with no loss of life), most of us wouldn’t really care. We will be like: “Well… bye.”

9) We already lost the moral high ground. So let’s not act scandalized by a Mayor Weiner.

8) And nothing of value was lost.

Headlines I want to see:

7) “Mayor Weiner Goes ALL IN For (Insert Insane Policy Here)”

6) “Mayor Weiner’s Polls Are In The Hole”

5) “Mayor Weiner’s Polls Are Going Up!”

4) “Mayor Weiner Renames City: Weinerville!”

3) “The Big Apple Now The Big Weiner

Serious Reasons:

2) Hillary Clinton will hopefully be appointed to an office in New York City and be uninterested in running in 2016. One can dream.

1) By the end of Mayor Weiner’s first term, after screwing up badly, maybe we can get a strong Republican (like Rudy Giuliani) back into that office. He/She won’t be a conservative like you or me, but they might have a mandate to undo the messes of both Bloomberg’s and Weiner’s nanny government. Right now, we don’t have such a person.

There you go. Ten very good reasons why I (and you) would like to see a Mayor Weiner.


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