No #Stenographer At #Benghazi #ARB Interviews??

Something jumped out at me while watching the hiring yesterday. I don’t know if other people picked up on this point, but I think it very important.

When Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI07) was asking his questions*, Gregory Hicks said something that should be front page news:

You may look at that and say: “Ok, what of this? Why is this a big deal?”

A court reporter, or court stenographer, uses machine shorthand or voice writing equipment to produce official transcripts of court hearings, depositions and other official proceedings.

So what should be making headlines here, is the fact there are NO official transcripts to the interviews relating to the Benghazi ARB. There is no proof to anything said by anyone in the Beghazi ARB. The ARB could have been invinted out of whole cloth and there is no way we can prove it one way or another. There is NOTHING in it to be believed. It is now tainted beyond belief.

There is a reason why we have court reporters, even to this very day in the age of voice/video recorders. We need someone to look at a transcript and testify that is what someone said or not. For the Beghazi ARB, there is no such person to come forward to testify that even the unclassified ARB is any good.

Another thing that Gregory Hicks said, which stood out, was that he knew of no one interview for the ARB, later saw the unclassified report. This also goes to the creditable nature of the unclassified Benghazi ARB report. We know of no one who can testify that they were quoted accurately in this report.

My head is spinning.

I am sick to my stomach.

Four people are dead, including an US Ambassador, and they couldn’t even bother to take the investation seriously enough to get a court reporter? I am beyond outraged. I am so outraged, my outragemeter just broke. Space and time has collapsed around my outrage into a singularity so heavy, that nothing will escape it.

Indeed. I think it’s time for a independant select committee that has real subpoena power and a court stenographer. The United States Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121 and you should light it up for your Representative and/or Senator. Even if they are a Republican or calling for such a committee already.


PS: Get the Benghazi Four Twibbon, if you haven’t already. Show Stevens, Woods, Doherty, and Smith that they will never be forgotten.

*What Tim Walberg asked was not written down by me and is largely unimportant right now, only what Gregory Hicks said is important. You can likely find the video of this exchanged somewhere.