Karl Rove: End Policy Of Korean Reunification

Karl Rove said something on Fox News Sunday that caught my attention.

And no, it wasn’t his remarks about Sarah Palin. I am so over “High School Level Drama Bombs” at my age.

No, he said something on a foreign policy matter. One that rung true to me for some reason. He thought we should end our policy of Korean Reunification. He noted that this policy was a hang-up to getting China more involved with North Korea and smacking Kim Jong-Un a couple of times upside the head.

I thought to myself: ‘Oh no, that would only give China a foreign policy win. Also, German Reunification wasn’t all that bad.’

Then I sat back and thought a little more. Why was German Reunification so suggestful?

Well, for one thing the USSR gave up on East Germany. Gorbachev order troops in East Germany to stay in their barracks instead of helping Erich Honecker. Germans wanted to come back together. Another thing that jumps out at me, is that they didn’t have a German Civil War. East and West Germany quite literally split Berlin in half, deep in East Germany terrority and both consider it their capital (with the West German government setup “provisionally” in Bonn). While East Germany was in worse shape next to West Germany, at least they have some infostructure.

To be quite honest, China is not going to give up North Korea. Not any time soon anyway. We will have to wait until they collapse before North Korea collapses. North and South, while talking a nice game, can’t even agree on how to go about unification (each saying they will lead the new Korea) and they still has yet to end their civil war. And let’s not get into the fact they have two capitals. North Korea is quite literally dirt poor.

We really need to sit down with South Korea and hammer out the fact that reunification is quite possibly not going to happen any time soon. And we really need for South Korea to come out first with a policy change. Now I am not saying we should give up reunification altogether, just give up on it for the time being.

I am also not advocating an isolation policy in the Far East. On the contray, I personally would reiterate at the same time that we will not sit back and allow Taiwan (as well as give them full diplomatic relations and an embassy, if they want it) to be antagonized by China* anymore. We should also let them know that the SENKAKU Islands should be left alone and not a single toe will cross the Korean DMZ.

They want North Korea as a clinet state? Fine, then they should stop North Korea from having nuclear weapons. We don’t want Taiwan, Japan, or South Korea to have nuclear weapons, now do we…


*They don’t support Korean Reunification? Then we don’t support Chinese Reunification. It is as simple as that.

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