Make Your Own Nation

I am so sick of our federal government, I began to think to myself: If I was given total control, how would I start a nation-state?

I have been thinking about this a lot actually. Then I begin to think to myself, what would other people think of doing? So, how would organized your nation-state?

To help jump-start you, I have for you a map and a scenario:

All of sudden, this island* appeared out of nowhere, just south of Florida. 400K Americans from all over the United States quickly moved in and declared they want nothing to do with the U.S. anymore. They also quickly divid the island into five territories. That is where the agreements end. In order to advoid a conflict, they have chosen YOU to make all their choices for them. Make for them any government you want and they’re in no matter what, the sky’s the limit. They have given you just three simple tasks:

1) Name the nation-state.

2) Name the five territories.

3) Write a constitution that governs the government, not the people.

That’s it. Remember, you can have any kind of government you want or you can create a new one. You can be as vauge as you want or very specific. It can be a “control everything” oligarchy or you can push the envolope of anarchy. Will it have a strong centeral government, or will federalism rule the day? A theistic or secular government? Constitutional Monarchy? Parliamentary Government? Separation Of Powers?

And above all, have fun. This is a thought experiment meant to see what would you do. This should not be personal or hurt anyone’s feelings. In one week’s time, I will post what I come up with as well.

You also don’t have to be a conservative to partake in this experiment. I would like to see what my liberal/progressive brothers and sisters have come up with as well. Please tweet me what you have and I will list all that I get here.


*For anyone interested, this is a slightly alter political map of the island of Antigua. This has no baring on the thought experiment.

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