Shameful: Hot Air Dismisses And Attacks Tim Tebow

Please Note: The following post is of my own opinion on an article written and posted on the main page of HotAir.com. The owners and moderators of RedState.com may not share my views on the following subject. Thank you very much.

I am shocked at HotAir.com for publishing this article. I’m sure Michelle Malkin’s head would spin if she was still in charged of Hot Air.

The author asks the question “Is ‘Tebowing’ an attack on Christianity?” then he answers with a resounding “No” and then personally attacks Tim Tebow and his fans (bolding mine):

Foster may be right that for some people, the problem isn’t Tebow’s religiosity but the fact that professional sports are “so filled with cliched Jesus praise that” fans doubt his sincerity. But I submit that for many who prefer to spend their Sundays watching the exquisite choreography of a perfectly executed screen pass, the problem is Tebow’s self-absorption.

Tebow is free to give “mad respect” to his lord, but I’d rather he do it on his own time. A number of players cross themselves on every play, but they do it discreetly — and expeditiously. Tebow’s prayer timeouts, by contrast, are as gratuitously in-your-face as the most flagrant end zone dance. And they last as long. Yet, according to his supporters, all of footballdom is supposed to give him a pass because his purpose is holy. Isn’t that what churches are for?

Another, subtler, ingredient in the widespread antipathy toward Tebow is that he is an anomaly. His success as an NFL quarterback (he is 4 and 1 since replacing Kyle Orton at the helm of the Broncos offense) doesn’t make sense to diehard football fans. His passing numbers — he has a 45% completion rate — are awful. His team is winning through a combination of razzle-dazzle and offensive schemes that haven’t been used by college, let alone NFL, coaches in two decades.

I am predicting that “this too shall pass” (to cite a proverb that Tebow should appreciate because of its religious roots). Sooner or later all 31 remaining teams in the league will develop defensive strategies to counter Denver’s pre-Knute Rockne offense, and Tebow — and Tebowing — will be gone.

Let me first come out and say that I don’t know if I am still an Atheist anymore. I’ve been going to a local nondenominational church recently. I don’t know if I have been hanging around Tea Party people too much and if their spirituality has been rubbing off on me, or if it is the call to run for local office that is also calling me back to church. I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve been going to church for the last six weeks now and I want to keep going. I know it is cliche, but I am looking for a sign.

Ok, let me respond to Howard’s post one part at a time:

Honestly, I don’t see Tim Tebow as being narcissistic. I just don’t get that vibe from him. Everytime I see him speak, he seems humble to me. He seems excited, but not self-absorbed. He loves football, life, and God, what is there not to be excited about? Sure Tebow will calm down, but he’s young and full of energy. Let him have his fun.

Now wait just a cotton-picken minute here. Why can’t he publicly give “mad respect” to God? When did this stop being a Free Country? It is almost like you are offended. Why is that? I find it refreshing. If you don’t like it, you have a remote. Stop being lazy and move your thumb a little.

I don’t think Tebow’s purpose is holy. This is a FOOTBALL GAME dude. You seem to have your priorities mixed up my friend. I, and I think Tebow would agree, that in the end, if football ended tomorrow, the world would not come to an end. Sure economically we would hurt a little, but the world does not end and begin with football. I thought Jesus was the Alpha and the Omega and not football?

So Tebow is still playing college football. Why do you care so much? This fact is between him and the Denver Broncos. If he doesn’t grow, that is his problem. Granted I hope he grows as a player and becomes a NFL quarterback that he can become. However your rooting for one single football player’s failure comes across as shallow and petty. Sure I root for Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win, not nessitiarly someone’s failure. This is, after all, JUST A GAME.

Jimmy Johnson once said: “Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.”

Think he’s an aweful football player? Fine, that is an honest critique. I personally hope he gets better as a player, because I am a Florida Gator fan and I would like to see a Gator quarterback succeed finally in the NFL. Sue me. Is Tebow narcissistic? I could be wrong, but judging from I see I just don’t see it. We will have to wait and see if the NFL corrupts him (and I sure hope not). And again, I think your priorities are mixed up. After all, football is just a game. Grow up.

If you want to contact Howard Portnoy and tell him that his attack on a private citizen (and his fans/supporters) for his public display of faith was unseemly, his Twitter, Facebook, and Email are all listed in the post. Please do not personally attack him or threaten him, I do not sanction such behavior.

To the people running Hot Air: You people should be ashamed that you promoted this article. It is nothing but hate and spite. If it is your policy to promote Green Room articles that attacks private citizens (and their fans/supporters) for their public display of faith, then you need to review said policy. You’re just lucky I don’t believe in boycotts.


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