Oakland PD Getting Sued Over It's Own Dumb Policy

This is what happens when you lack a spine.

When I first saw this article, I was outraged. Then I actually read said article:

Police repeatedly fired teargas, “less-lethal” projectiles and flash-bang grenades into a sea of protesters, actions they later claimed were justified because their officers were being hit by objects thrown by a few individuals in the crowd.

But the guidelines clearly state that less-lethal munitions “may never be used indiscriminately against a crowd or group of persons, even if some members of the crowd or group are violent or disruptive.”

If all of this is true, then they deserved to be hit with this lawsuit. They were sued in 2003 for using this stuff and they settled by agreeing to these terms.

I mean, who agrees to stuff like that? People and groups are too quick to settle these days. That is why we need “Loser-Pay” Tort Reform.

I normally give police officers the benefit of the doubt. They have to deal with mean jerks all day long. I’ve dealt with cops before. While they were jerks (even to me), they were fair jerks. If you want someone who will punish you to also be sensative to your needs, run to your mommy. This is the real world people. Grow up.

But if true, I can’t defend the Oakland PD or the city over this nonsense. No wonder Oakland, California is a mess. If you live there and have nothing but complaints, then I honestly don’t have any sympathy for you. Your city government is leaderless and spineless. I have only one advice for you: MOVE.

Here in Lake County, Florida, our police have a spine and will stand up for itself. The ACLU is suing our sheriff over arresting an illegal immigrant and handing her over to ICE. Lake County Sheriff is fighting this and the rest of the county is behind him 100%. We also just gave a Georgia man 7years jail for coming to pick up what he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Without law, there can be no freedom. In Oakland, California, law is weak and spineless. Police can’t even crack down on a roit with non-lethal means without being sued. It is a joke there. I thought in my last post about Oakland that it was time for Republicans to maybe move to cature leadership in that city, but I am not so sure now. Maybe it is too far gone. Time to cut your losses and call it a day.