The Cain Project: Opportunity To Volunteer For Herman Cain

Are you a Herman Cain supporter and are willing to help him win the early Florida Primary? Then you have come to the right blog post!

Patricia Sullivan, on her own with the help of her campaign-for-congress-turn-grassroots-group The Patriot Army, has choosen to lunch a boots-on-the-ground precinct walking effort here in Central Florida.


If given the opportunity, would you put your time and energy in helping Herman Cain win Florida?

What would happen if Herman Cain won the Florida GOP Primary on January 31st?

Could he sweep the Nation with that kind of momentum?

We’ve seen what happened after he won Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll. He surged. Enthusiasm is contagious.

What are you willing to do to get out the vote for Herman Cain? Is it worth three full days of walking door to door with friends and a day of sign waving? If you can commit your time and energy, then you need to be part of the Cain Project. Even if you can’t walk, we will need drivers, navigators, volunteers to serve meals and more.

The Cain Project is an intense volunteer event taking place January 26-31 in Central Florida. We’re inviting volunteers from across Florida and the Southeast to come and help us win Florida.

I know I would and I have. I was at the kick-off event a little over two weeks ago and boy do they have their stuff together! They even made a video:

The Cain Project

How are they going to get out the vote? They explain here and you can sign-up as well:

The Cain Project is an intense volunteer event taking place January 26-31 in Central Florida.

Why a fee to volunteer?

The registration fee covers the cost of two t-shirts, six dinners and precinct walking materials.

The agenda is as follows:
Thursday … 4pm-8pm Registration, Education, Team Assignments and Dinner
Friday … 9am-8pm Precinct Walking, Rendezvous and Dinner
Saturday … 9am-8pm: Precinct Walking, Rendezvous and Dinner
Sunday: … Day of Rest. 10am Worship Opportunity 5pm Dinner
Monday: … 9am-8pm: Precinct Walking, Rendezvous and Dinner
Tuesday: … 7am-11pm: Sign Waving at Polls, Dinner and Watch Party! WhooHoo!

They are going to be hitting Orange, Seminole, and (South) Lake Counties in their precinct walking.

I precinct walked for Patricia Sullivan in the 2010 election and I have to say that they know their stuff. They were highly organized, had lots of precinct walking materials (maps and such), and focused. I say it is worth the $20 to get the t-shirts and meals, alone.

If you got some vacation time saved up, now’s the time to use it. You can join us for one day or all six days.

Now I am just a volunteer like everyone else. I am not an event organizer. However I’d like to get the word out to those who would like to make a difference. Herman Cain doesn’t need a large campaign staff when he has people like us willing to help in any way we can. I am answering the call, will you?