All Part Of The Plan

A couple days ago, Smitty of TheOtherMcCain.com posted this little tid-bit:

And, while it’s cheap and easy to take swipes at the President over U.S. foreign policy, precisely what anyone would do differently or better (about Egypt) is not abundantly clear.

My response was simple. It was in the form of a video:

Key Quote (2:00): Nobody panics if everything goes “according” to plan… Even if the plan is horrifying!

The Joker in this moive is right about one thing: As long as everything goes according to plan, even if it’s causing dismay or great shock, then no one panics.

The thing abundantly clear to me, is that President Obama had no plan for any of the Arab Spring or its consequences. Oh, in his Cairo Speech he talked a good game for democracy in the Middle East and then immediately made no follow-up plans in case it happened. Then when the Arab Spring hit like a ton of bricks, Obama and the State Department looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. They still do.

Ok, you might make the arguement that they could not have pridicted this would happen. I’d only buy that arguement before and during Tunisia. As soon as IT hit the fan in Tunisia, Obama should have gotten with his Foreign Policy people and hammered out a plan for that country and others to follow.

This is not a cheap and easy swipe at President Obama and the current State Department. It is an accurate criticism to be sure. In some arab nations like Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen (noted allies in the War Against Terror), he took quick action and called for the outster of their leaders. While some like Syria and Iran* (noted non-allies in the War Against Terror), he took his sweet time calling them out on killing their people. In one such internal conflict, Libya, we even went to war kinetic military action agaist the ruling regime!

What we have learn? NOTHING!! There is no plan here! You can’t define the Obama Doctrine, because there isn’t one! I dare say there still isn’t one! The looming humanitarian catastrophe in Egypt just proves my case!

Smitty, I can tell you what someone with half a brain could have done differently: Come up with a half decent plan to deal with the onslaught and the consequences. Or, at the very least, make all of this look like just part of the plan. Instead, we have a guy who fumbled around and looking every bit the idiot in the White House. He didn’t see this coming and played it by ear with each new nation that burned, and he even had a hand in burning one of them. Take no pitty on that man in the White House, he deserves none!

This is not a leader we see who shapes world events, this is a follower who is only swept away in world events and reacts only when these events sound a deafening cry.