I'm Disappointed

Am I disappointed? Yes.

Angry? Yes. Am I motivative for 2012? Hell Yes!!

The Deal

((Sources: Right TurnHot AirAce Of Spades))

$38.5 Billion. We are now spending $50 Billion a week- A WEEK!! Cutting spending by only $38.5 Billion for the rest of the year, seems rather silly. It is a (weak) start to say the least and clearly it is not enough. However this is the largest spending cut in federal history and that should count for something. For some perspective, CNN is reporting that this “proposal would cut more than $500 billion from the federal budget over the next 10 years*.” I would also like to note that for all the talk of Democrats wanting to raise taxes for the rich, there were no tax increases**!!

There is no defunding of Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare, and NPR. I’m really sad about the Planned Parenthood part. However we will get an honest up or down vote on three of them in the Senate and get Democrats on the record. Sure they won’t pass, but at least we forced a vote and we can now run on these issues in 2012.

One thing they did get, was real oversight/audits on the mandates for ObamaCare and Frank-Dodd. That will go a long way to making the case for the repeal for both. And on top of that, there is no new funding for the IRS for ObamaCare. Biggest thing we did get, is the DC School Voucher makes an epic return! So we can be happy about all those things.

I would talk about the ban on funding for abortions in Washington DC, but Democrats have in the past supported this, so it’s not really something to gloat about. I only note it because others have.

You think you are unhappy? We are not the only ones. Ezra Klein is completely unhappy with the deal:

Boehner’s the political winner here. Managed his caucus. Got dems to agree to more than expected. Averted a shutdown. He was very effective.

Listening to this speech, you’d think Obama was the one arguing for larger cuts.

Shorter dems: these cuts we’ve been resisting and denouncing for months are historic and we’re proud to be passing so many of them.

If Ezra Klein doesn’t like it, then it can’t be all bad.

Personal Thoughts

Am I happy? No. Did I want more? Yes. Was I looking forward to a shutdown? Yes.

Am I going to abandon or trash talk those who made/voted for this deal to avoid a shutdown? No.

I can pick this deal apart all day long and find things I don’t like about it. I could also demagogue Boehner and the conservative freshmen for giving up, but that would get us nowhere. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you should like this deal. I don’t like this deal. But we honestly have bigger fish to fry.

The Debt Limit and 2012 Budget are the more important fights. While we didn’t get all we wanted in this year’s federal budget, we did get cuts. Now that we have firmly won the debate we need to cut spending and we don’t have a tax problem. I’m looking to get a lot more in the next two rounds.

The Debt Limit debate will now start and I’m assuming there will be another late-night deal at the eleventh hour. Make no mistake, they will raise the debt limit. However if Boehner can get something -ANYTHING- while raising the limit, then I will be happy. A Balance Budget Act/Amendment that will limit spending to a percentage of the GDP, will go a long way with me.

Then after that, we have the 2012 Budget to go through. I honestly think this cut in spending will set-up the debate in our favor. We have Democrats, including Obama, on the record saying that we need entitlement reform. Let’s hit Obama over the head, starting now and often, with his Debt Commission. We must have real entitlement reform or it will not work.

All of this, however, underlines the point that we must win the Senate and White House in 2012 and get even more conservatives in DC. We must be just as motivated, if not more so, in this upcoming election like we were motivated for the 2010 election. If we stick to the issues, then our cause is great and just. My personal focus will be here in Florida, where I will be working to unseat US Senator Bill Nelson. My personal favorite to replace him is Col. Mike McCalister (website).

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*From a top Republican aide. I’m not going to impune him on this, because I do not know all the factors. While we need real cuts now, it’s something to consider before slamming this deal.

**As far as I am aware of. Correct me if I am wrong. I will also update if I get different information.