(LIVEBLOGGING) No Joke: House GOP To Vote On "Deem And Pass" Budget

Holy Hell!! The GOP has brought up HR 1 with a little alteration: If the Senate doesn’t pass this, it becomes law anyway. Turn it to C-SPAN to check out the debate.

In other words: A Deem And Pass Budget

I’m conflicted, I don’t know whether to support this or not right now. However this is bold move to be sure.

Ok, this bill is called “Government Shutdown Prevention Act“. Why didn’t I get the memo?

In short, this bill would send HR 1 to the president for his signature if the Senate also approves some bill to keep the government open (only if it trims say just $1). The House bill is completely contingent on the Senate moving and the president signing it into law to keep the government operating past April 8.

Here’s what everyone is exercised about: there is a clause in the bill that says if the House approves this package it is “hereby enacted into law.” Furthermore, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., muddled things Wednesday at a press conference when he said this bill would become “law of the land.”

So what’s up?

No. This isn’t Nebraska, where they have a unicameral legislature. The phrase “hereby enacted into law” is a seldom-used, but not unprecedented device, which is called “incorporation by reference.” What this essentially does is keep the House from having to reprint all of the original $61 billion bill they passed in February, and gives this measure the force of law if — and only if — the Senate acts.

This can be described as an ignition in a car. Without the ignition, the car can’t go. Without this term of art, the bill can’t potentially become law.

So, it’s not really as “unconstitutional” as some are suggesting.

So it’s Constitutional, gimmicky and has a trigger, but it’s constitutional. Ideas? Thoughts?

A vote on Government Shutdown Prevention Act (HR 1255) will take place around 2:30PM.

(13:40) It’s funny to watch Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (INSANE-CA) invoke the US Constitution in this debate. Now she says Obama has created more jobs than Bush. HA!

(13:48) “Unconstitutional! Unconstitutional!” -Democrats. Funny to hear it come from these fools.

(13:50) And we have a first traitor: Louie Gohmert (R?-TX) says he will vote against this bill. Now Democrats are praising him.

(14:05) Vote shortly.

(14:25) Voting on recommit. Should go down.

(14:45) Are people ready for a shutdown? Rasmussen: 57% prefer gov’t shutdown to current levels of spending.

(14:50) Actual vote now. Remember, nothing happens unless the Senate takes action.

(14:55) Passed. 221-202. The upshot of this only just saying they will resend HR 1 to the Senate again. Will post list of Republicans who voted against this.

(15:05) Roll Call!

Gohmert (newest hero of the Democrats)
McCotter (this pisses me off more than anything else)
Paul (and this guy wants to be our President? over my dead body)

If your representative is listed above, feel ashame that you voted for them. Then call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and give them a piece of your mind.

(15:35) Statement By Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL-24): “After kicking the can down the road and failing to pass a budget plan, the Democrat-led Congress irresponsibly left us to pick up the pieces. Now it appears Senate Democrats plan on doing it again. The House passed a long-term and responsible budget plan over a month ago, our bill H.R. 1, would reduce year-over-year federal spending by historic levels, defund the government takeover of health care, and stop taxpayer funding of abortion. With a $14 trillion debt our country is facing a fiscal crisis, and inaction from the Senate is simply unacceptable.

“The bill I co-sponsored and voted on today demands the Senate to act before the expiration of the short-term Continuing Resolution, and if it does not, the House passed bill H.R.1 will become law. The Government Shutdown Prevention Act also provides that in the event of a partial shutdown, Members of Congress and the President do not get paid. It’s time to get serious about our nation’s fiscal crisis. The American people elected us to make tough decisions, but it is becoming clearer by the day that Senate Democrats aren’t listening.”

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