New Donald "Birther" Trump Has Lost Me


Come, I will hide nothing from you. I was snooker into this whole “Birther” movement for all of two minutes. Then I remember that even if you were born outside the US, if one or more of your parents was a US Citizen and under the right conditions, then you are yourself a US Citizen.

PUMA: They Started This BS Birther Crap

But there’s an inconvenient truth liberals are going to have to confront: The Birthers began not on the right, but on the left.

Investigations for my new book, Wingnuts, revealed that the Birther conspiracy theory was first concocted by renegade members of the original Obama haters, Party Unity My Ass, known more commonly by their acronym, the PUMAs. They were a splinter group of hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters who did not want to give up the ghost after the bitter 50-state Bataan Death March to the 2008 Democratic nomination.

In the early summer of ’08, message boards on sites like PUMAParty.com began lighting up with the ultimate reversal-of-fortune fantasy—that their party’s nomination could be overturned on constitutional grounds. “Obama May Be Illegal to Be Elected President!” read one representative e-mail: “This came from a USNA [U.S. Naval Academy] alumnus. It’ll be interesting to see how the media handle this…WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL newspaper editors etc. Keep this out there everyday possible. Also write to the DNC too!”

I remember that. This is why I fell for it. I thought, since it was ok for liberals to question Obama’s birth, why can’t I?

Then it dawn on me that it was a dumb argument. There is so much more to hit Obama over the head with, that we don’t need this at all.

Honestly, how did we fall into this internal Democratic Civil War? “Truthers” and “Birthers” should be confined to the far left. Those who subscribe to either theory should have “Crazy” tatoo on their forehead and sent on their way.

Obama’s Mother A US Citizen, Thus Obama’s A Natural Born US Citizen

Ok, let’s say Obama WAS born outside of the United States. Let’s ask ourselves two questions of Ann Dunham (Obama’s Mother) and if they square up, he’s still a Natural Born US Citizen Answer to both be YES (this asumes Obama Sr and Ann Dunham’s marriage was invalded due to him beinging already married back in Africa):

  1. Was Ann Dunham a U.S. citizen at the time of the Obama’s birth? Yes.
  2. Was Ann Dunham physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the Obama’s birth? Yes.


I have just proven, even if he was born in Kenya, that Obama has the legal right to be the US President. Enough, is enough, is enough.

Donald “Birther” Trump

I was excited about Donald Trump getting into the race. I thought to myself: “Yes! Someone with business experience who is going to add something to the debate!”

However, I have been watching with increasing alarm at how Donald Trump has gone off message with this whole “Birther” crap. I didn’t want to believe it. However after watching Fox And Friends this morning and listening to Donald Trump go full “Birther” on us, I can no longer support him in any way.

End Of Story

I can’t stand “Birthers”, because there are more legit things to hit Obama over the head with than where he was born or where he was raised. I think it’s also it is a lazy argument. If you have to fall back on “Well, he wasn’t born in the US!” then you yourself have nothing to offer me.

Let’s send a message to Donald Trump that this sort of nonsense is unacceptable. “Birthers” are not wanted here or on the Republican Ticket.

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