On St. Patrick, We Are Drunk On Red Ink

(Title Inspired By Daniel Hannan*) Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends! Better drink up that green beer, because we are drowning in red ink.

I know is called “RedState” but that doesn’t mean we like the idea of government turning out red ink everywhere it goes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am so sick and tired of being told I am anti-government. The hell with that, I am pro-government. Let me clarify, I am pro-fiscally-solvent-government. I am pro-limited-government. When government becomes too burdensome, too taxing, and too imposing on its citizens; then it turns into outright enslavement.

I keep hearing from Democrats on Fox News two things:

  1. “If we stop government spending, we would go into another recession!” – If the US Federal Government is truly the engine of the US Economy, then we are truly the slaves to the government.

    Are we too late? As long as our vote matters, no. We can lock arms with people like Senator Marco Rubio and support him in lowering the deft and deficit by opposing short-term budgets with token budget cuts. But cutting just discretionary spending is not going to get us there. Which leads us to…

  2. “Cutting just discretionary spending won’t help us! We need entitlement reform!” – Now this is coming from Democrats! However, it would seem, President Barack Obama doesn’t agree. At least, not acording to his own joke of a budget. He wants to cut only discretionary spending and say he’s cutting the deficit. While logic fails the Obama Administration, we’ll play the President’s game for now. You Democrats have only Obama to blame for this mess.

And yes, President Obama’s leadership** does matter. If you and Obama want entitlement reform, you guys will have to get together and be the first to put forth a proposal. Obama himself said he’d rather be a great one-termer, well now is the time for him to step up. We all know he is not going to be re-elected, might as well go out in style.

You think House GOP leadership is going to fall on that sword? HA! Not until they have someone in the White House they won’t. I would like them to lead on entitlement reform, but I am not holding my breath any time soon. And frankly, I don’t blame them. If they even tried right now, they will get hammered by Democrats and the media. They will never get anything pass the Senate or White House if they tried to do anything now.

And you know, it’s not just about the debt. We are always going to have debt. It’s really all about the deficit. If we can get the deficit under control and balance the budget, then everything else falls into place.

So try to go out there and have a good day, and remember St. Patrick and the Irish that came here for freedom. Remember that if we don’t get this government under control, we will be looking for freedom elsewhere.

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*I love that guy. This guy seems to have his hands around money issues. I know that our president has to be a natural born citizen, but can’t we have Daniel Hannan as the Secretary Of The Treasury after 2012? *dreams*

**Yes, I understand that “Obama Leadership” is an oxymoron.