Obama Administration: Shock And Awe In Libya

(Via Stop The ACLU) Repeat after me: Ooooh! Awwww!

The US is pushing the UN to authorise not just a no-fly zone over Libya, but also the use of air strikes to stop the advance of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

Washington’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said on Wednesday that a no-fly zone would have only a limited use, and that the Obama administration was working “very hard” to pass a new resolution, which would authorise the use of aerial bombing of Libyan tanks and heavy artillery.

The UN security council is planning to vote on the resolution late on Thursday.



We have come full circle, my friends. Barack Obama was given The Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for future acts of peace. Now we can all point and laugh at the Nobel Prize committee for their complete naivety. I wonder if his prize can be revoked.

I’m with Erick on this one, getting involved in Libya is a very bad idea and one I will never support. Good or bad, we should honestly let the unrest in the Middle East play itself out and not get involved. Hell, I don’t even think we should be in Afghanistan anymore. Not because we are losing, but because I don’t think Obama has the stones to win there and Karzai is hell bent on tying our hands. I think the same thing will happen in Libya.

What I would do? Pull back to Israel and Iraq, and let the rest of the Middle East take care of itself. I’d set ourselves up with the good guys as they emerge.

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