Elect The Dodge - The Interview!

Last week, Andrew Ian Dodge came to my attention through Twitter. Apparently, he is running to replace Sen. Olympia Snowe in Maine through the Republican Primary.

Yes, that’s right, Andrew Dodge is one of the “Tea Party Candidate” running for Maine’s US Senate and challenging Sen. Olympia Snowe for the seat. So, in order to find out more about Mr. Dodge and where he stands, I asked if he’d be interested in a short email interview. After a few email exchanges, he agreed and loved the idea. So, without further udo, here is the email interview:

Hello, Mr. Andrew Dodge! I am thankful you agreed to do this small interview with me over these wonderful intertubes. I just want you to know that I am not out to get you, so relax and be as brutally honest as you can. Me and the people who read this may not agree 100% with you, but we’ll respect you for being truthful. You may skip any question you want and I will not hold it against you.

With all that said, let’s get started:

Tell me a little about yourself. What makes Andrew Dodge, Andrew Dodge?

“I have a love of politics & governance, music and a voracious appetite for knowledge. The tea party movement provided the catalyst for me to redouble my efforts in the pursuit of liberty. For more I would refer you to my bio.”

Without naming another person, alive or dead, why are you running for Maine’s US Senate seat in 2012?

“I am running for US Senate because the core values of the tea party movement… those of limited government, fiscal responsibility and the free market need reliable representation in the halls of the Senate. Its time for tea party activists with time, the drive and the passion to take it to the next level and get involved at every level of governance.”

What are the issues the people of Maine and the US (because your votes will affect those everywhere in the United States as well) are facing now or will be facing in 2012 and beyond?

“The key things that we need to get in order is our debt, deficit and spending. Without getting all those under control the Federal government will have to tax the hard-pressed people of Maine and the rest of the country even more than they do now. Too often Senators and Representatives have gone for the emotional issues rather than handling the “dull” dire financial state of this country.”

Debt, Entitlements, Jobs, Obama… Is there anything else that the US Senate does?

“The US Senate approves all treaties and government appointments. Both of these duties are vital for the future of this country, especially if Obama is re-elected.”

Speaking of Obama, what do you think of the entire state of Maine getting an ObamaCare Wavier?

“I think its payback for Sen. Snowe voting the initial bill out of committee into the Democratic controlled Senate. Its clear that Obama wants to see her re-elected as she is his most reliable Republican turn-coat. President Obama with a second term and a re-elected Snowe would be a disaster for both this country and Maine. Its time for Snowe to go.”

I hear a nasty rumor that you are a Moderate (shock! horror!) and that you would just replace Snowe. Is this true? Explain the difference between you and Snowe.

“That would certainly offend her since she calls anyone to the right of her “extremist”. I would not have voted for Obamacare, the stimuli, bailouts of anyone (including my namesake car company) or any of the massive spending bills she seems to love. I am firmly against the “internet kill switch” (which she sponsored in its first iteration), giving the FCC any more power, the EPA Food bill and all of her constant attacks on personal sovereignty & freedom.

I have a consistent record of standing up in whatever way I can for freedom, liberty and the free market since my late teens. I have written books and music for this cause, as well as working all over the world with like-minded folks wishing to do what it takes to ensure everyone can enjoy their natural right to liberty.”

Last question and this might be the toughest question YOU EVER HAD TO ANSWER!! Be careful how you answer, because now everything is on the line.

If you win and become Maine’s next US Senator…. *raises right eyebrow*


“Many men in American political history had facial hair like Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, I would wish to continue that time-honored tradition. I am not sure there are any statistics on pogonophobia in the Maine electorate. Thus far I have been well accepted as I am. I hope that the people of Maine will support my core principles with my goatee or even in spite of it.”

I honestly hopes he keeps the goatee. I think a beard makes a man look good. There is nothing wrong with a beard. Jesus wears a beard every time I see him depicted. I think Tom Coburn was rocking with his beard. So what is wrong with a beard?

But I digress. From the emails I got from Mr. Dodge and his people, I think I can back him in unseating Senator Olympia Snowe in the primary. Hell, I’ll back anyone who wants to replace Sen. Snowe (short of a liberal Democrat, of course). He’s not perfect, but then who (on this earth) is perfect?

So I’m throwing my, admittedly limited, weight towards Andrew Ian Dodge for the Maine Republican Primary. I suggest anyone who lives in Maine check him out and give him a fair hearing.

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