Four Minutes Of Undiluted Herman Cain Awesomeness

(Via The Other McCain) Remember, Herman Cain was a radio talk show host for some time. So it’s no surprise that Herman Cain was able to handle some little collage-age liberal tool:

So after failing to get the drop on Herman Cain, he and his friends harasses some poor woman who came to hear Cain speak.

The reason why we give our military free healthcare is two fold:

  1. They put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do is take care of them during and after their service.
  2. A sick solider can’t defend this nation.

I agree that we can do better caring for our troops and vets, however it’s better than nothing and it’s something I am willing to contribute to at this time.

Has anyone read the book, Starship Troopers? Now I am talking about the book, not the movie*. The book has a great philosophical look at government. In the book, there are two classes: Civilians are every day people who are free to do whatever they want and Citizens can hold public office and vote. The difference between the two is that Citizens worked for the state for two or more years. Now you don’t have to join the military of the world government, but one responsibility of the government is to give you a job for two years if you want to serve and want to become a Citizen.

Now I am not saying we should have that type of government. I don’t think we can honestly handle a meritocracy as seen in the book (not movie*) of Starship Troopers right now**. Not without a tightly worded constitution and bill of rights for the Civilians. However when someone puts their lives on the line for me, then I am willing to give them all that I can in return.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe in cradle-to-grave care by the government. It has never work and it will never work. It’s a nice concept, but human greed/laziness and limited resources will pervent the system from working.

Again, I am not anti-government. To explain my view of government’s role, I will turn to NFL Football as an example. You have the NFL, which is like the government. Then the teams are individually own and they, not the NFL, play the game. The NFL refers inforce the rules on the fields. The referees DO NOT PLAY THE GAME FOR THE PLAYERS!!

The idea is that the government, any government, should not be playing the game. They will choose the winners and losers. Government should be there to make sure everyone plays fair and give us the tools to play the game. However when they start coaching or playing the game themselves, they lose the objectivity that government should have.

But I digress. I support Herman Cain because, well, he’s just bloody awesome. Why aren’t you a part of Citizens 4 Cain yet?

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*The movie was enjoyable on its own, but it is not the book. The book is completely different. I suggest you read the book if you haven’t!

**But I can dream… No?