Gov. Walker To Obama: Don't You Have Your Own Problems?

Alternate Headline: The Backbone Tells The Backbreaker To Back-The-Hell-Off

Asked if Obama should interject himself in the labor battle that has seen tens of thousands of protesters descend on the Wisconsin state capitol building, Walker replies: “No he shouldn’t, for a couple reasons. One, we’re doing this to balance our budget, and the president of the United States should be focused on the much, much graver budget crisis we have in our nation’s capital, which he’s failed to lead on.

“Secondly, the president really has no position talking about this, because what we’re asking for here is still more generous than what federal employees get. I think many people do not recognize – I certainly hope the president was aware of it – the fact that the federal employees do not have collective bargaining for wages and benefits.

“And in fact the average federal employee pays twice as much for their health insurance premiums as what we’re proposing in our budget repair bill,” Walker says. “So the reality is, it’s really quite ironic that the president would be criticizing us for something that is less restrictive, when it comes to collective bargaining, and less expensive, when it comes to healthcare, than what we are proposing here in the state of Wisconsin.”


You know what? There are talks that some GOP Senators in Wisconsin are thinking of backing down. I don’t believe a word of it. As long as Gov. Walker himself does not back down, he gives those GOP Senators the backbone to keep going.

I know if I was a GOP legislator in Wisconsin and as long as Governor Walker stood tall, I would stand tall with him. It’s called leadership. Governor Scott Walker has backbone and leadership in spades.

Take NJ Governor Chris Christie. I may not like all that he stands for (like on gun control), but I respect the man because he stands up for his principles.

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott stood up against HSR (and won, now time to stand up against SunRail) and is winning points with me with his budget.

Governor John Kasich is getting business done in Ohio. Looking to the future and rejecting clemency for criminals.

The difference between all these guys and Obama, is that they are leaders. They are also taking ownership for the the reforms they are pushing. Up until this point, Barack Obama has let Democrats take charge and then he tries to sell what they have written. His one and only attempt to submitt a budget was a complete joke.

I agree with Gov. Walker. Barack Obama has his own problems. He needs to take them on seriously or move out of the way.

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