Maryland State Legislature: Hey, Let's Bankrupt Maryland!

Alternate Headline: Maryland Volunteers To Walk Away From Fiscal Sanity

The Maryland General Assembly has scheduled a March 9 public hearing on a bill that would take a far more aggressive approach toward health reform in the state than passed at the federal level last year.

The bill, SB388, would create a single-payer system to administer all health insurance coverage in Maryland. The public hearing is planned before the Senate Finance Committee, beginning at 1 p.m. No action by the Maryland House of Representatives has been scheduled.

The 27-page bill makes no mention of insurance agents and brokers, and if approved would likely eliminate the need for them. The language of the bill doesn’t clearly explain how those services would be performed.

Eleven senators are sponsoring the bill, the Maryland Health Security Act of 2011, which would establish the Maryland Health System to provide health care services to all residents of the state under a system not dependent on employment. The program would be funded by the state and permit people to access any approved health care provider in the state.

You and I know that this will all end in tears, so right now I’m just musing. However at this point in time, I think I’m ready to let Maryland walk off that short plank into fiscal oblivion. California and Illinois are also on my list of “States I Could Care Less About” and they show no signs of coming off anytime soon. It’s time to write them all off, take three stars off our flag, and call it a day. The Civil War said that states can’t break away by themselves, but it said nothing about ridding ourselves of bad rubbish. If you live in any of those states, I suggest you just move away now. There’s honestly no point in trying to save any one of them anymore.

I mean sure, Maryland will be able to operate single-payer for some time before the bill comes due. Maybe even a decade. However Maryland lacks one thing that nation-states have had to help them out in single-payer healthcare: Their own money system that they can later devalue.

The UK is even now moving away from it’s single-payer health system in sweeping austerity measures in order to bring it’s massive debt into some semblance of control. But I bet you a single paid visit to the Heart Attack Grill that some Maryland Democrat will tell you:

“We have top men that will finally make this work!”

I’m sure you do.

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