With Gas Coming Close To $4/Gallon, Does Richard Nugent Still Support Obama's Drilling Moratorium?

The part you need to watch before reading this, starts at 2:30:

Arm, Leg, First Born

Obama just releashed it’s first deepwater permit in what seem like ages. However it is not enough. I went to the gas pump the other day and it had jump from just over $3 to almost $4. The people in the store told me that I needed to brace for $5 a gallon in the near future because of Libya and Egypt. And Bernanke has completely check out for lunch.

Now my current U.S. Representative, Richard Nugent (R-FL-05), has some history with the Oil Drilling Moratorium (see video above) and I want offer him a chance to clear that history. We are dying out here on the pump and can use some relief. Buying oil from these “nations in turmoil” punishes only the working man and those who are unemployed (like me).

Time to bring back “Drill Baby, Drill!” in a big way, Richard Nugent. Will you be the last one to call for true energy independance when gas hits $5/Gallon?

I would love for someone from Nugent’s office to email me and I will update this post with an official statement.

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