Bombing Damages Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery

You heard right, Iraq. While everyone has their collected eyes on Libya, the powder keg in Iraq is ready to go off:

One day after thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in a “day of rage” to protest food and water shortages, protesters gathered in the northern regions of the country to call attention to poor basic services. Around 2,000 protesters gathered in Sulaymaniyah in Kurdish northern Iraq, while a small group of about 100 protested in Fallujah.

Hospital sources told Reuters that one person died and 11 were hurt in clashes in the north.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, a Shiite cleric, urged Iraq’s leaders to listen to the protesters and fight corruption, improve the economy and fix basic services. Eight years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there are still only basic services and usually only a few hours of power a day.

Also on Saturday, militants detonated bombs at Iraq’s largest oil refinery, killing at least one employee. The attack at the refinery in Baiji, 112 miles north of Baghdad, occured at 4:30 a.m. and prompted a temporary closure of the refinery, one of three in Iraq. The refinery is in an area that was at one time controlled by Al Qaeda.

*sigh* We just put Iraq back together…

What I don’t get about these people, is the fact they cut their nose to spite their face. Ok, so you have no food or water, that is no reason to blow up one of your biggest money makers. I mean, blowing up a government building or killing a prime minister is something I can understand (not that I would condone such an act) when you want to start a revolution. Start a mass strike and bring the country to a, very temopary, halt.

But ok, so you blow up an oil refinery. Then you get all that you want and then you look around and realize: ‘Ops, I blew up an oil refinery. Now I have no way to fund my new world order. Crap. Let’s rage some more.’

However let’s forget all that, because the most important thing was the Shiite cleric telling the Iraq government to give the Kurds what they want. While I am all for giving the Kurds what they need, I’m having a hard time believing a Shiite has any feelings for the Kurds. This goes double when the very Sunni al-Qaeda may be involved. We have Sunnis blowing up stuff for the Kurds, who is in turn backed by a Shiite!


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