Government Gone Wild!!

Hernando County REC Chairman has gone wild, with Government Gone Wild! In the following video, he tells us how reckless government forcasts is just one reason why we are in the mess we are in:

Blaise Ingoglia is a rasing star in the RPOF. Like I introduce him, Blaise Ingoglia is the chairman of the Hernando County REC. Resently, he ran and got elected as Asst. Treasurer for the Republican Party Of Florida. Hell, even the Shark Tank loves him.

I got introduce to him the other night when he came to my local REC. While there, he told us that he might come here to Lake County to do one of his “Government Gone Wild” seminars. If you would like one in your county (you don’t have to be an REC to invite him), head over to GovernmentGoneWild.org and see what you can do to get him there.

The current seminar, called “Government Gone Wild: The Tea Party Edition” is done completely on his own dime. However he is not beyond asking for a little help. So if you can hit the donation jar, please do.

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