American Thinker Back Daniels, Loses Me

I was all content to move on. I wanted to get back to Florida Politics. I have these great videos of Daniel Webster (R-FL-08) and Mike McCalister (CAN-R-FL-SEN) in my video cam ready to download to YouTube. I still may do that later today. Keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel. However when I got home, I opened my email and one had a link that cause me great fury.

How much fury? This much:

Gator Smash

The title the American Thinker article, “As The Dust Settles, Mitch Daniels Is Looking Much Stronger” pretty much sets the tone for how laughable that post is overall. Aaron Reber pretty much tells us that Mitch Daniels is completely blameless and we shouldn’t hold him responsible. Here is why:

  • Daniels didn’t kill the Right To Work bill, it died because Democrats skip town.

Yeah, but he didn’t support it at all. When that happen, he signaled to Democrats that they, and not him, were in the drivers seat. That they, not Indiana Legislative Republicans (who won the election and is the majority), control legislative policy. Daniels completely abdicated legislative power to Democrats and rewarded them for their very bad behavior.

  • Daniels can’t send state cops into other states.

That didn’t stop the Wisconsin Senate [from] dispatching state patrol to homes of multiple Democratic senators. ‘Nuff said.

  • “Gov. Daniels is following his plan that he laid out for Indiana. Right To Work wasn’t in that plan this session.”

I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! Oh well, that makes it all better! It clearly wasn’t part of HIS plan! /sarcasm

What about the poor Republicanss who introduce the bill? What about their plans and their campaign promises? Is Daniels that much more important? This thing did not appear out of thin air and land in the middle of the Indiana state legislative floor. Clearly, Indiana has some kind of “Discharge Petition” where rank-and-file members can bring up bills. They fullfilled that petition and brought it to the floor.

Even to me, it is clear as day this was a power play by Democrats of Indiana. They wanted to know they could push Daniels and he blinked.

As of this writing, Democrats are still in Illinois:

Rather, the real fear of fly-by-night Democrats is recently introduced legislation that would establish path-breaking statewide tuition scholarships enabling students from low and middle income families to choose their own school. By running, these politicians are signaling blanket opposition to the education reform proposals of a conservative coalition led by Governor Mitch Daniels.

We may never know when the decision of Indiana Democrats to “just move on” may have been hatched, but surely Mitch Daniels’s January 2011 State of the State Address led them to inquire with Illinois’ resorts about room availability.


What have you got to say now, Mr. Reber? I think you and the American Thinker need to take a step back and rethink forgiving Daniels. The governor has completely abdicated power, thus making himself a lame-duck. To forgive him is to put us in danager of Daniels doing the same as President Of The United States.

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PS: I love it how, at the end of the article, Mr. Reber laments Daniels not backing Right To Work once it got to the floor… RIGHT AFTER FORGIVING DANIELS FOR DOING THE SAME THING!!

PPS: I want it noted, that I’m not attacking American Thinker. I just highly disagree with them.