Mason-Dixon: Bill Nelson (INC-D-FL-SEN) Is In Trouble

(Via Hot Air) Ops, looks like that safe seat in Florida isn’t so safe after-all:


Regardless of his many years of public service, Sen. Nelson’s reelection in 2012 is anything but a sure thing – in fact, any of his prospective Republican challengers is positioned to be competitive and possibly win,” said Ron Sachs, president and CEO of Ron Sachs Communications who commissioned the poll. “This contest will be a national story, as will the fact that, if he ran and the election were held today, former Gov. Jeb Bush would beat Sen. Nelson.”

In the poll of 625 registered Florida voters conducted Feb 9-10, 2011 by MasonDixon Polling & Research, Sen. Nelson fails to gain 50 percent support against any potential Republican challenger.
“Bill Nelson will clearly have a much more difficult path to victory next year than he had in 2006. He is in trouble if voters in 2012 are looking to throw out career politicians like they did in the past election,” said Mason-Dixon Managing Director Brad Coker. “The fact that Sen. Nelson currently can’t crack 50 percent against any GOP challenger in a head-to-head match-up, including several lesser-known lawmakers, is a clear sign of vulnerability.”

Clearly. Here is the break-down for the other GOP Challengers:

  1. Connie Mack: 45/40 Disadvantage Mack
  2. George LeMieux: 49/35 Disadvantage LeMieux
  3. Mike Haridopolos: 48/25 Disadvantage Haridopolos

Jeb Bush was the only one to beat Bill Nelson in this poll. I have supported a run by Jeb Bush for US Senate now for a while. People keep talking about him running for POTUS, but I want him all for Florida. Does that make me selfish? Yes, yes it does and I will freely admit that I am selfish when it comes to Jeb Bush.

What really makes my eyes roll, is that Tea Party favorite Mike McCalister is not in this poll. However I think I can understand a little. He’s not really on no one’s radar right now, except the Tea Party. If Jeb Bush doesn’t run, I will fully support Col. Mike McCalister.

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