And BigGator5's Presidential Pick For 2012 Is...

I bet you have already seen the keywords below and know who I am backing 100%. However before I go into my pick, I first want to say that I was excited about a Mike Pence run. But he of course has choosen to run for Governor of Indiana. Milke Pence is a class act and he will be missed in the up-coming debate. Our loss is Indiana’s gain.

My current pick is by no means my second choice. We all know him and love him: Herman Cain

What seal the deal with me? Why, CPAC 2011 of course:

The more I hear and get to know Herman Cain, the more I love him.

I like the beginning of his speech about goals and dreams. I have dreams and goals gone unfulfilled. We are fighting back and staying inform, through grassroots effort called the Tea Party.

ObamaCare will cost us 8,000 Jobs. Herman Cain also changed the debate of Clinton’s attemt to take-over healthcare back in the early ’90s:

The Clintons would later blame “Harry and Louise,” the fictional couple in the ads aired by the insurance industry, for undermining health reform. But the real saboteurs are named Herman and John. Herman Cain [was] the president of Godfather’s Pizza and president-elect of the National Restaurant Association. An articulate black entrepreneur, Cain transformed the debate when he challenged Clinton at a town meeting in Kansas City, Mo., [that] April. Cain asked the president what he was supposed to say to the workers he would have to lay off because of the cost of the “employer mandate.” Clinton responded that there would be plenty of subsidies for small businessmen, but Cain persisted. “Quite honestly, your calculation is inaccurate,” he told the president. “In the competitive marketplace it simply doesn’t work that way.”

I, too, like the Fair Tax. Time to repeal the 16th Amendment!

I can honestly go on and on about Herman Cain and his CPAC speech, but I also want to talk about the people who I would also support (this is no rank and totally in random order, so don’t read into anything) if they ran and won the primary:

Jeb Bush – I would honestly like to see him run for the US Senate rather than President, because honestly I want him to stay in Florida’s pocket. He can also do a lot of good there as well. However I would be very much on Jeb’s side if he does choose to run and wins the primary. He was awesome for Florida and would be awesome for the US!

Sarah Palin – I would love to see her run and go head-to-head with Obama. That should have been the match-up in 2008. I had became aware of Palin even before her VP pick and was blown away when McCain choose her. I voted for her and not McCain.

Bobby Jindal – His leadership during the Gulf Spill was just plain great. I’m looking for someone who can get things done and is a proven leader, not someone who can sweep me off my feet.

Chris Christie – I know he has repeatedly said he won’t run. However I can dream, can’t I? I can remember when he won the Republican primary for NJ’s Governor. Everyone following that race was bummed out. I am happy to report he proved us wrong.

The next group of people are those I might support, but I will have to do some soul searching and maybe after their VP pick before I would support them:

Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee – Honestly, do I need to give a reason why I put those two in this group? If you need more, comment and I’ll give a little more detail. Right now, I’ll just pass on them thank-you-very-much.

The rest I don’t know much about or don’t really care about them to form an honest opinion. I will take the rest on a case-by-case basis. However I will be open-minded about each of them*.

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*Except for Ron Paul. He is a complete and utter no.