Governor Rick Scott's Job Budget

This will be a YouTube heavy post, as this was meant for those of you who couldn’t make it.

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott choose to unroll his budget in my backyard. It took place during a Tea Party* rally in Eustis, where Rick Scott got a warm welcome (as you will see). I had to go to another meeting about the local school board (which you can read later today at The Shark Tank: Lake), that I haven’t had time to review the budget as of yet. However if Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel hates it**, I’m sure to like it.

To wet our whistle, Lloyd Marcus was there to sing to the crowd. If I could have gotten his book, I would. Next, local hero Dr Jake Cassell (a REAL doctor) got up to slam ObamaCare:

“We can start with somebody named Bill Nelson.” Outstanding. Took the words right out of my mouth.

Then State Rep. Mike Weinstein, R-Jacksonville got up to make his announcement:

I’m of two minds of a Tea Party Caucus in Washington, however let’s see how it works in the Florida Legislature and maybe we can show the rest of the country how it is done.

Then Gov. Rick Scott came up, introduced by Patricia Sullivan:

The Daily Caller has a good write up of the budget and you can view the “Jobs Budget” right here.

Again, I need time to study it. But like I said before, if the liberal MFM hates it, I am bound to like the budget by Gov. Rick Scott.

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*The actual group who hosted the event was the North Lake Tea Party. I’m part of the South Lake 912 Tea Party. However we get along nicely.

**Aww, Thomas called his readers and the public Death Eaters. Ain’t he nice and civil?