Hezbollah Lebanon PM Wants To Be Our Friends

How sweet. Hezbollah’s Puppet Lebanon PM wants to be our friend:

Mikati met with U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly just days after Washington warned that the formation of a government dominated by Hezbollah would mean changes in relations with Lebanon.

The 55-year-old telecom tycoon “confirmed during the meeting the importance of bilateral relations between Beirut and Washington,” he said in a statement as he began the process of forming a new government.

Makes sense. Obama restarted relations with Hezbollah’s direct masters, Syria. And he did so with the objections of the US Senate (ambassador must be confirmed by Senate).

And no, I am not being hard on Barack Obama. In the next few days, the Obama White House will declare that Najib Miqati is a legit PM of Lebanon and soon afterward, Hariri will turn up dead. Mark my words.

Although we really shouldn’t be surprised if they side with Miqati. Vice President Joe Biden said Mubarak is no dictator and shouldn’t step down. I mean honestly, what if the protesters win and Mubarak is pushed out? I’ll tell you: The protestors will blame the US for “interfering” and side with Hamas and/or Hezbollah. This should be Foreign Policy 101 people! You do not take sides with an internal conflict unless you want to be drawn into that conflict!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s amateur hour at the White House. Not only that, our friends are our enemies and our enemies are our friends. We are going to pay a high price down the road. No wonder Obama likes running up big debts, he doesn’t mind selling us piece by piece to China.

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