Rep. Sandy Adams (FL-24) Responds To State Of The Union

Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24) sends out a response to President Barack Obama’s State Of The Union via email.

I would first like to take this time to point out that Sandy Adams’ email not once refer to her as a Congresswoman. I like that a lot. When they start refering to themselves as a Congressman or Congresswoman, then they stop being our Representative. I see it as if they idenitfy themselves more with with the culture of Congress than that of being a Representative Of The People.

While President Obama touched upon the issues surrounding the nation’s dire economic state, it is important to remember that actions speak louder than words. We’ve heard this rhetoric before. During the 2009 State of the Union, President Obama promised that his trillion-dollar stimulus would keep unemployment under 8 percent, but fast forward to 2011 and his promises haven’t held true. The national unemployment rate has held firm above 9 percent for twenty straight months, Florida faces an unacceptably high 12 percent unemployment rate and the country is buried under $14 trillion in debt.

Rather than reducing spending and making the necessary budgetary cuts needed to get the economy back on track, President Obama is looking to spend more with his proposed taxpayer funded ‘investments.’ If the Democrats’ failed trillion-dollar spending bill, overreaching government takeover of health care and tax-hiking national energy tax are any indication of the president’s new ‘investments,’ then our country is headed for even more trouble than we are currently facing. The American people are tired of bailouts, excessive spending and empty rhetoric. It’s time to cut up the credit cards and get back to the basics of limited government and fiscal responsibility so that we can help create private sector jobs and strengthen the economy.

The biggest thing that Obama said that he wants to freeze spending at current levels. That is not acceptable at all.

Also, if cutting government spending would send us into another recession, then maybe government is too big to begin with. This is completely unaccesptable.

I live in Florida and have to live with that 12% Unemployment. In fact, my county is even above the state average. While Sandy Adams is not my representative, but she understands the pain everyone in Florida is going through right now and I thank her for noting the pain we are experiencing.

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