Breaking: Cedar Revolution Comes To An End

(Via Hot Air) Allahpundit calls this a bloodless coup, but the blood has yet to flow. Lebanon is now a terrorist state with this Hezbollah takeover and should be treated like one. Najib Miqati is a puppet PM and controled by Syria and Iran:

After days of political wrangling, the candidate supported by Hezbollah and its allies, Najib Miqati, a billionaire and former prime minister, won 68 seats in Lebanon’s 128-member parliament, enough to name the next government in a country as divided as it is diverse. His elevation was a clear victory for Hezbollah, which has ruled out Mr. Hariri’s return to power, and was the culmination of what was already accepted as a fact of life here: that Hezbollah is the country’s pre-eminent military and political force.

So far, the crisis has played out according to the rules of Lebanon’s parliamentary system, and both Mr. Miqati and Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, went to great lengths to offer a conciliatory message and portray Mr. Miqati as a consensus choice…

“What has happened is virtually a coup d’état, a political coup d’état,” [former PM Saad] Hariri said at his house in downtown Beirut, near the seat of government that he and his team left only days before. “Me and my allies, we will represent the opposition.”…

Hezbollah has seemed to view the tribunal as an almost existential threat, and in his speech Tuesday, Mr. Nasrallah suggested that the issue had forced its hand.

Saad Hariri better get out of town, or he’ll be the first one dead. I plea for him to go into exile as soon as possible.

I mean, Hezbollah was out in force with walkie talkies. People so freaked by the show of force, that some yanked their kids out of school.

I smell a war coming between Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon. Furious Lebanese Sunnis were already out in force for their “day of rage”.

Read all of Allahpundit’s post for more details. Let just say we are in for another ride in the Middle East.

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