Mike Haridopolos US Senate? Yeah, Not Happening

Mike Haridopolos is the current President of the Florida Senate and a Republican. There are wild rumors that he is trying to postion himself for a run for US Senate.

Yeah, no.

Haridopolos is preparing for a likely statewide campaign in 2012 against U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. Dockery suggested Haridopolos is attempting to curry early favor with tea party activists, who could be an influential voting block in that campaign.

Why am I so against Haridopolos? Well, because he has lead the charge for SunRail:

Just a little over a year ago, Republicans [lead by Haridopolos] in lock-step endorsed Central Florida’s commuter-rail plans and rushed to get in line for federal stimulus dollars for a high-speed train that could shuttle people between Tampa and Orlando.

Now of course, after the 2010 election and wanting to run for the US Senate, Haridopolos is trying to back off SunRail. He’s now ready to cut every Republican throat in the Florida Legislature so he can win the DC jackpot.

Not on my watch.

My first choice for US Senate would be Jeb Bush. Then Colonel Mike McCalister.

In fact, I am going to see Colonel McCalister at a near-by North Lake Tea Party meeting and see him speak. This will take part in the early part of next month. I am hoping to meet him and get a video interview with him. Look out for that next month.

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