Proposed Revisions To Florida Statutes Chapter 162

Good news, property rights advocates*! It would seem that Florida is about to become a little bit more free!

Yesterday, I was forwarded an email from a reader who thinks everyone in Florida should know about these proposed revisions to Florida Statutes Chapter 162. I could not agree more:

Attention Property Rights Advocates:

Changes to Florida Statues Chapter 162 – County or Municipal Code Enforcement were presented to State Representative Ritch Workman on January 6th. The proposal was reviewed and accepted by Representative Workman and as a result they are currently being drafted into a bill!

These changes will support Governor Scott’s overall philosophy of reducing regulations and will help to eliminate many of the encroachments on our property rights that are currently being instituted by local bureaucracies around the State through code enforcement.

Please review the changes and write your Representative and Governor Scott to let them know you support this bill and that these changes are desperately needed to restore our property rights and reduce big government.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Scott Cuthbert, Penny Canales, and Jerry Brinegar
F.A.C.E.OFF Movement Brevard County Florida and 912 Members

The basic upshot, says my reader, is that “it’s an attempt at getting rid of ICLEI’s foothold already in place at the local level and keeping them out – restoration of property rights per the state.”

Anything that kicks ICLEI in the guts is ok in my book. I bet you dollars to donuts that ICLEI was behind Amendment 4. I was so happy Amendment 4 was defeated, by the way. But I digress.

I suggest you read the proposed changes and if you like them, contact your Representative and Sentor, and let them know you support Representative Ritch Workman’s bill to change Florida Statutes Chapter 162.

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*That should be everyone who reads this, hopefully.