I Support Jamie Radtke (CAN-R-VA-SEN) In 2012

I know I normally keep myself to Florida issues, but this is too good to pass up. Former chairwoman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation has decided that it is time to retire Democrat Jim Webb.

(Via Stop The ACLU) Jamie Radtke has been the force behind the highly organized Tea Party in Richmond:

She says she’s never before seen the volume of ardent volunteers the tea party has attracted. To organize and unify them, the group holds monthly “Richmond Tea Party 101” orientation sessions. The official volunteer handbook lays out in clear language its five values: constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and virtue and accountability.

Honestly, who can argue against those five values? I can see it now, Jim Webb will have a horrible time combating them and his apparent record of being Obama and Reid’s rubber stamp. Senator Webb has also thrown out any pretence of being a conservative in his four short years in DC, in which Ms Radtke will attack:

“I would take issue with Sen. Webb being conservative,” Radtke told the Fox Business Network Wednesday. “He voted for the bank bailouts. He voted for stimulus. He voted for ObamaCare.

“I mean, he has been right there along the side of Harry Reid and President Obama and has really helped engineer the mess that we’re in. We’ve got to get out of the mess.”

Why is she running? The Wall Street Journal tells us why in her words:

In an interview, Ms. Radtke said she decided to run after watching Congress pass legislation during this month’s lame duck session, including a package of tax cuts, that added to the national debt.

“It has become clear that many in Congress still don’t get it,” she said. “The tax bill did nothing to cut the huge debt burden on all of us.”

Former Senator George Allen may run again and he has every right to run. However, fairly or unfairly, he has some baggage that might hurt him in the general election. Allen has a great conservative record and I will support him if he wins the primary. But I’m throwing my (admittedly limited) weight to Jamie Radtke. @jamieradtke

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