112th Freshman Watch: Sandy Adams (R-FL-24)

The 112th Congressional Freshmen Class is full of interesting characters. Some of them come right from Florida: Marco Rubio, Allen West, Richard Nugent, and (yes) Sandy Adams.

Suzanne Kosmas: Doomed From The Start

Suzanne Kosmas was doomed from the start of the 2010 campaign season.

In 2008, Kosmas had campaigned on fiscal conservatism, support for veterans, and values like integrity and transparency. Tom Feeney didn’t help any, as he was completely out of control. Kosmas’ campaign promises, of course, was completely thrown out the window when she came to DC. She more or less voted down party line and if she did anything for vets, it wasn’t apparent.

Then in 2010, she was washed away by the Republican wave.

The 17th Amendment

I just happen to be watching TV when I caught a TV Commerical with Suzanne Kosmas slamming Sandy Adams about repealing the 17th Amendment. I noted this and pointed out that Kosmas was way out of line.

Of course, I didn’t think nothing much of it at the time. However Sandy Adams mentions my article while talking to Bud Hedinger. I was so tickled that I was laughing like a mad man! Afterward, I was able to get some more info to the Sandy Adams’ camp about the 17th Amendment.

Sandy Adams: A Force For Change

Allen West is, of course, very cool. However I think Sandy Adams is the one to watch. She was in the US Air Force and an investigator for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Adams was a Florida House Representative (District 33) from 2003 to 2011.

Why is she the one to watch? Just because she is one of the few who is all up for repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments, shows me she will be a force for real change. I know she will help shake-up the 112th Congress.

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