Life In The REC (Part One And One-Half)

I’ve said this in a couple of comments, but I have joined the Lake County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC). I hope to describe what it is like in the LCREC and other entires. For ease, I will refer to them here and future “Life” entries as the REC.

Electing our officers for the next two years is almost upon us and I have thought long and hard about running for an office. The post I may seek is the 2nd Vice-Chair and I am seeking advice to see if I should run or not.

2nd Vice-Chair

The 2nd Vice-Chair does not really have a lot of resonpilities in our by-laws, but I assume that person helps the Chair and Vice-Chair, and fills in when both are not available. I also think the 2nd Vice-Chair would be tapped to chair a sub-committee or two, to which I would not be opposed to at all.

I will not be running against anyone or because I dislike the direction of the Board, but because I am young and I think I could bring a fresh new perspective to my local REC.

The Good

I’m Conservative – I’m more like 94% conservative and 6% libertarian, but then we’re just nick-picking. I’m a life-long Republican and been listening to Rush Limbaugh for as long as I can remember. Let us just say that I’m very grounded on the right-wing of the Republican Party.

I’m Young – The medium age in my REC is 20+ my senior (I’m currently 30). While there is nothing wrong with that, I want to show the working class of my county that the Republican Party does represent them.

I’m TeaParty – I was a TeaParty member before I was an official member of the Republican Party. What better way to show we welcome the TeaParty into our ranks than to have one as an officer?

The Bad

I’m New – I’m really new. I just join the REC no more than a couple of months ago. Although I see nothing wrong with this, it could be a factor when people vote.

And The Ugly

My Blog – While this might not be a factor now, if I join the Board I might have to pull back on some of my criticism of public officials when writing future blog articles.

I’m Unemployed – While this might not be a factor as well, my increased activities might start costing me money I don’t have (like gas money). If I do get a job, I will either have to work around REC activities or focus on my job.

PAC? – I’ve been thinking of starting my own PAC. I don’t know if being on the Board will effect my plans. However on the other side of the coin, they have their own PAC and I can learn a lot about running one while there.

My Girlfriend – My girlfriend is coming back from Afghanistan in April and getting an new overseas duty station just four short months after that, so I want to see if we can move in together before she heads off. Would it be moral of me to run for office if I know I might have to resign shortly afterward?

Should I run? Am I qualified? Any suggestions/advice?

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