Jeb Bush: US Senate 2012

I’m not feeling very well. So this will be a short article. Also, consider this an open thread.

Jeb Bush

Some people have been saying that Jeb Bush should run in 2012, but lament that his brother, George W Bush, may have ruin his chances. I disagree. Jeb Bush has a good chance at winning and he should if he thinks he has any chance at beating Obama.

That said, I am the selfish type. If he runs for President, then he’ll stop fighting specifically for Florida and I want him all to myself. I think he should run for US Senate against Senator Bill Nelson. Jeb Bush is like the Ronald Reagan to the state of Florida. We look back on his years as governor and rue the fact there is a term limit on the governorship.

To heck with a Presidential run, I want Jeb Bush to run for US Senator in 2012!

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