Rick Scott's "Let's Get To Work" Jobs Tour

Rick Scott is not just waiting out his time until he becomes Governor. Today he kicks off his “Let’s Get To Work” tour. He will criss-cross the state to meet with business leaders:

Governor-elect Rick Scott is headed to the Space Coast to take a tour of technology companies in Brevard County.


Scott plans to hear from business leaders about the issues they are facing as he travels across Florida this week.

Awesome. I have to admit, Scott’s “Let’s Get To Work” motto is brilliant. During the primary, I sercertly wished Bill McCollum would get one.

However Rick Scott is not the first one to use these words, or something very close to them. During the 1960 Republican Convention Barry Goldwater once said: “Let’s grow up, conservatives. If we want to take this party back, and I think we can some day, let’s go to work.” While Goldwater used these words in the political sense, Rick Scott uses them in the economic sense. But I can’t help wonder if Rick Scott is channelling the late, great, Barry Goldwater or if this is an incredible coincidence. Only Rick Scott knows.

Ok, here’s the schedule (you can get it at the link above, but why?):

Monday, December 6
Pensacola: Homeland security and defense.
Melbourne: Technology.

Tuesday, December 7
Jacksonville: Aviation and aerospace.
Venus: Agriculture.

Wednesday, December 8
Lake City: Manufacturing.
Miami: International trade and port operations.

Thursday, December 9
Bradenton: Citrus.
Fort Lauderdale: Tourism and hospitality.

Friday, December 10
Tampa: Entrepreneurship and startup companies.
Orlando: Health care and biomedical research.

I’m happy to see that tourism isn’t the only thing on the agenda. I noticed during the campaign, bith Rick Scott and Bill McCollum wanted to search for other business for Florida, other than just pure tourism. Sure tourism is now important to Florida, but we need not rely completely on just one industry. Thanks to the red wave that sweapt a very pro-business governor to Florida on Novermber 2nd, that might just become a reality.

I still have some doubts about Rick Scott, but I like what I have seen so far. So I will keep an eye on him for now.

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