(FINAL UPDATE) Live Blogging Extending Bush Tax Cut Vote

Red Alert

Turn to C-SPAN2, for the Senate are now debating to extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts. The Vote should be soon. Updates below the fold:

Update (08:40): Sen Grassley leads Republicans in stopping this vote. Thank you!

Update (08:48): Sen Grassley calls this a “dog and pony show” vote. Nice.

Update (08:50): Sen Schumer wants to balance the budget with tax hikes. Wants to extend unemployment for a full 52 weeks. My goodness.

Update (08:53): Sen Schumer says he is not against rich people, yet he has no issue taxing them in a recession. Whatever.

Update (08:58): Just tried to call George Lemieux and Bill Nelson’s office in DC (my Senators). George Lemieux seems to be in neverending meeting, because it has been playing the same message for a couple of weeks now. Everyone also seem to be out to lunch in Bill Nelson’s office as well. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Update (09:00): Sen Hatch (more or less) says “American people sent us a message on Nov. 2nd and the Democrats have not listen.”

Update (09:12): Sen Thune opposes the Democrats idea that raising taxes on the job creators, creates jobs.

Update (09:15): Sen Thune calls this vote for what this is, a tax hike.

Update (09:20): Sen Sanders is now talking. Muting TV.

Update (09:24): While we wait for Sen Sanders to stop talking insane, go get some snacks. This might take a few.

Update (09:30): Sen Kyl slams Obama and Senate Democrats for calling for bipartenship in bad faith. The vote in the House and Senate proves this lack of bipartenship on their part. No bipartenship until Republicans kill this vote. Blames Dems for getting nothing done on these taxes.

Update (09:34): Sen Begich does indeed blame Republicans.

Update (09:44): Sen Merkley, “Tax hikes helps everyone!” Moronic statement of the day… So far.

Update (09:46): Sen Merkley still talking. Muting tv, because I do not want his insanity getting into my head.

Update (09:54): My god, went to restroom and got something to drink, and Sen Merkley is still talking!

Update (09:55): Sen Graham says vote will fail. That means he’ll vote against this Tax Hike. Good. Ace says Graham is getting right with Jesus, but first he needs to get right with conservatives. He can get right with Jesus on his own time.

Update (10:00): Sen Graham talks about real terrorists.

Update (10:04): Sen Whitehouse loves him some 52-week extension of unemployment.

Update (10:10): Sen Whitehouse, this is not about a tax cut for the rich. This is about raising taxes on the job creators. This guy thinks more taxes will lead back to 90s-like growth. I can’t begin to explain how dumb that comment is, even if it took me a million years!

Update (10:12): Sen Schumer is back on, spreading his insanity.

Update (10:15): Sen Schumer, if the 90s were so good, why don’t we allow the tax cuts expire for everyone?

Update (10:18): Sen Grassley states this is not about cutting taxes, but are they going to raise taxes on some or all people. This is correct.

Update (10:25): I tune in a little late, but I want to state for the record that Sen Baucus is leading Democrats. Just to note, he is still not drunk.

Update (10:27): Sen Baucus admits bill being voted on will add to debt. Nice. (10:29) But calls it sound fiscal policy. Right…

Update (10:30): Votes begins.

Update (10:32): This is just the Baucus Amendment vote. It will raise the $250K limit to $1 Million. It is expected not to get the 60 needed votes.

Update (10:35): Sen McCaskill votes YES.

Update (10:37): Sen Bill Nelson votes YES and Sen Lemieux votes NO.

Update (10:38): Vote seems to be going down party line. It will fail if this trend keeps up.

Update (10:40): Sen Kirk votes NO!

Update (10:42): Wow. Four Democrats so far have voted against the Baucus Amendment, by my count. This goes down in flames. Sen Collins votes NO!

Update (10:43): Sen Coons, yet another Democrat, votes NO!

Update (10:45): The vote is more or less over on this amendment. Too many Democrats jumping ship.

Update (10:50): Schumer Amendment up next. I’m sorry, the Schumer Amendment is the $1 Million or over tax hike. My bad.

Update (10:53): Yeas 53 Nays 36, Baucus Amendment fails epicly. Schumer Amendment should be up next.

Update (11:00): Schumer Amendment voted started. This is the $1 Million or over tax hike one. It is also expected not to get the 60 votes needed.

Update (11:10): By my count, the Schumer Amendment will go down. Stay tune.

Update (11:13): Sen Lieberman votes NO, effectively killing the Schumer Amendment.

Update (11:16): Sen Harkin and Sen Durbin vote NO! There is no doubt now that this will not pass!

Update (11:18): Schumer Amendment fails, Yea 53 Nay 37. Will have full roll call when I get it.

Update (11:20): Sen McConnell calls this a victory. Indeed it is. As @bringsdogtowork says, “A TAX ON ANY OF US IS A TAX ON US ALL”. I completely agree.

Update (12:00): Final update. The roll call is in and I’m happy to report that on both votes, Republicans were united. It was the Democrats who ended up divided.

On the Baucus Amendment, the following Democrats voted NO:

Feingold (D-WI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Manchin (D-WV)
Nelson (D-NE)
Webb (D-VA)

On the Schumer Amendment, the following Democrats voted NO:

Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Harkin (D-IA)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Rockefeller (D-WV)

So, there was bipartisan opposition to raise anyone’s taxes. Awesome.

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