From 17 To 9.8: I Also Want A Job

The job market is worse than you think:

The disturbing news nugget is the “underemployment” rate. This is the number of part-time workers who would like a full-time job and others who want jobs and have just given up the search. This rate held fast at 17%, which is an unacceptable number. What makes this a more unacceptable number than the 9.8% unemployment rate? These are people who want to work full time and can’t find full-time jobs. This means that these workers are making just enough money to get by, and would like to make more with a full-time job. Either that, or they have decided to give up on the job search altogether. This is not a good trend, because this number needs to fall significantly as well. In fact, I contend that this number is more important than the [unemployment] rate because these underemployed are not spending money either.

The real big problem with the underemployment rate is that these people, who have “given up” looking, are not getting any money from unemployment. I have been part of the underemployed for some time now, so this whole debate about extending unemployment angers me to no end, because it won’t help me one bit.

I have not given up, per say, but I have given up any hope of finding a job. I’m sure most of the underemployed feel the same way. In Florida, the unemployment rate is 11.9% and the underemployed is most likely just north of 20%. My plight gets worse, because the longer I am out of a job, the harder it is to get a job.

So what’s my point? This is my plea to not let the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for the people making $250K-a-year, or more acutely, the job creators. One such job creator, the owner of TownDigger.com, who I know personally, will be negatively impacted if any of the tax cuts expire (even if he doesn’t reach the $250K mark). Now Bill does more than this one website and has several employees working for him. I know him because we are friends from the local Tea Party.

While I might not be affected one way or the other by these debates, I do know people who are watching this debate with ever increasing unease. Call your Senator (Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121)) and tell them not to raise taxes on these very real people who are the small business people. Tell them about Bill: A small business man, employer, husband, and father. Tell them not to raise HIS taxes.

One last thing: To those so-called 99ers who are complaining that their long-term turn at the public tit might come to an end, you guys need to get off in ways I can’t post here. I would love to have gotten 99 weeks of unemployment. You guys have been on unemployment for longer than any people have since the program started. I have some sympathy for those really in need, but this is getting on the silly side. Raising taxes to hurt a good man like Bill who create jobs just so you can become 120ers, is sickening.

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