Random Roundup One

Random Roundup is going to my new series of articles where there is a bunch of stuff I want to talk about, but don’t feel they belong in separate articles. More below the fold:

Barack Obama Kills Alabama’s Democrats

(Via The Other McCain) Alabama’s Democrats destroyed this last election:

The novelty to the GOP tidal wave that changed Alabama is that it came from Washington just like the 1964 sea change. This seismic partisan shift was created by an anti-Barack Obama sentiment the same way that Alabamians reacted to Lyndon Johnson.

In essence, LBJ drove a stake into the heart of the Alabama Democratic Party and Barack Obama drove the final nail in the coffin.

Read the full thing for the full postmortem of the Alabama Democratic Party. It almost makes me want to move over there. Almost.

Marco Rubio Slams Barack Obama

No love lost:

Republican Gov-elect Rick Scott and Senator-elect Marco Rubio are, however, not happy with the decision.

“I believe offshore oil exploration should continue to be part of America’s energy mix, so long as it can be done safely,” Rubio said according to Naked Politics. “I believe the administration’s new policy is an obstacle to job creation and imperils our national security by making us more dependent on foreign oil from hostile regimes. On this issue, the White House should have left politics out of the equation and based its decision on sound energy policy that advances our economic development and national security goals.”

I agree. Becoming energy independent must mean, at least in the short term, drilling offshore. At the very least, let the people of Florida chose. If we don’t want the million in dollars and hundreds of jobs that come along with offshore drilling, that should be on us. The federal government should butt out!

Sen. Tom Coburn Becomes Manly

To be honest, I like beards. My dad looks aweful without one. I look aweful without one. So I am digging Sen. Tom Coburn’s new look:

Is the Oklahoma Republican sending a political message with his new look? Coburn’s spokesman, John Hart, said he was aware his boss’ facial addition caused a stir, particularly on Twitter, but insisted he’s not trying to attract attention.

“He just decided to stop shaving,” said Hart. “It has no premeditated point to it.”

Fashion statement or not, he should keep it. He pulls it off nicely and would now look aweful if he shaves it off.

Right Turn?

Jennifer Rubin’s being hired by the Washinton Post was hailed by the entire right blogosphere. How does she spend her first day?

Pissing off the entire right blogosphere. In Jennifer Rubin’s defense, she was talking about front-runner status. Nothing in there suggests that she was saying Sarah Palin shouldn’t run or couldn’t win.

Come, I will hide nothing from you. While I love Sarah Palin and think she should run if she wants to (more, not less, debate is good), I support Mike Pence becoming our next president. However I am not deluded enough to think Mike Pence is a front-runner.

In closing, leave Jennifer Rubin alone. She didn’t say anything there that wasn’t true.

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) Is Right

Right on! I don’t think I can add anything to what Rep. Candice Miller just said.

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