35 School Districts Face Penalties For Violating Florida's Class-Size Law

Why am I not surprised:

More than half of Florida’s school districts have not complied with the state’s class-size law and now face steep penalties, the Florida Department of Education announced late Tuesday.

If the state moves ahead with those fines, which could run as high as $16 million in Palm Beach County alone, the Florida School Boards Association has threatened to sue. The association argues the fines are not fair, as the Florida Legislature did not provide districts enough money to meet the law’s demands.

Across Florida, 35 of 67 school districts fell short of the class-size rules put into place following a voter referendum in 2002.

Yeah, and we could have prevented this if we would have aproved Amendment 8.

I warned you. Many people warned you. Now the people of Florida have no one to blame but themselves at the unnecessarily loss of money at the school board level. I live here in Lake County and they are (luckly) in full compliance. We won’t lose millions in needed dollars like other counties.

Exit question: How long do you think, after a couple years of massive mulit-million dollar fines, will the entire state of Florida calls for another vote on Amendment 8?

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