(UPDATED) Red Alert: We Need To Stop The Food Safety Modernization Act

Red Alert

How the Food Safety Modernization Act flew under the radar up until this point, I have no idea.

I want to get this out quickly, so pardon the small article. Check back here for updates as the votes are taken.

Natural News and The People’s Voice has a good run down on why this is an epicly bad law.

What you need to do now, is call the Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121) and tell your Senator to vote against the Food Safety Modernization Act (correction).

Update (13:05): Just tried to call George Lemieux and Bill Nelson’s office in DC. George Lemieux seems to be in neverending meeting, because it has been playing the same message for a couple of weeks now. Everyone also seem to be out to lunch in Bill Nelson’s office as well.

Update (13:05): GovTrack.us seems to be down, but if it comes back, you can track SB 510 here.

Update (14:35): The vote might take place tonight at 6:30pm EST. Call, burn the phone lines and tell your Senators to vote against this thing!

Update (16:30): I just tuned into the debate going on right now about some of the amendments to be voted on. Guess who is leading the Senate? If you guessed Senator Joke, you were right.

Update (17:15): Sen Saxby Chambliss calls for this act to be voted down and taken up during the next congress.

Update (17:25): One of the amendments being voted on, will not amend S510, but ObamaCare. Yet another good reason to vote this down. We don’t need to fix ObamaCare, but repeal it completely!

Update (18:00): Crap. I have yet to hear someone raise to oppose this bill, other than Sen Saxby Chambliss or to complain about one amendment. I think this monster will pass.

Update (18:05): @Sen Tom Harkin – Ok, if this bill passes, I will grow a garden and start to horde seeds. I will do this in full view and document my progress. When I am arrested by DHS, I look forward to a visit from you in jail.

Update (18:25): Debating striping the earmarks in the bill.

Update (18:35): Voting has started. It is expected to pass.

Update (18:45): Newly minted Senator Mark Kirk votes for this evil thing. Makes sense.

Update (18:45): McCain and Graham vote NO! Wow!

Update (18:50): Sen Saxby Chambliss makes good and votes NO.

Update (18:52): Sen Bill Nelson and Sen Snowe votes YES. Sen DeMint, NO.

Update (18:54): Sen Lemieux, votes YES.

Update (19:00): S510 passes 69-26. Closure passes and now they will vote on the amendments. If a couple of these amendments pass, then it might kill it in the US House. Let’s watch.

Update (19:05): Vote on Johanns Amendment starts. This repeals the 1099 thing in ObamaCare. This amendment could kill this bill, because it is paid for and should have been done in the US House first.

Update (19:25): Johanns Amendment fails 61 to 35.

Update (19:25): Baucus Amendment is now being voted on. It was like Johanns Amendment, except it adds to the debt by $19 Billion. The US House can take up the bill if this passes, because it is not paid for… You keeping up boys and girls?

Update (19:38): Sen Mark Kirk votes to add $19 Billion to debt. However this amendment might just fail.

Update (19:45): Baucus Amendment fails (44yea 53nay). That 1099 Tax Form stays in place! ObamaCare still aweful!

Update (20:00): I’m done. Coburn’s amendments won’t pass and this is more or less going to pass the vote tomorrow. Congrats my friends, the government now controls our food unlike anytime in history.

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