I Have No Sympathy For Venezuela

I honestly have no sympathy for the people of Venezuela right now. If they can’t shake off the bad apple that is Hugo Chavez, then I have no use for them.

I mean, I can understand if he forced his way into power. Then I can sympathize with the people. However the people of Venezuela kept voting him more power, so they only have themselves to blame when Hugo Chavez pretty much ends any pretense of free elections over there:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday promoted a general who sparked controversy by suggesting the military would not accept an electoral return to power by government opponents.

Chavez granted Gen. Henry Rangel Silva the rank of general-in-chief, calling him a “humble and great soldier” and saying he had been unfairly criticized by Venezuela’s political opposition and the U.S. government.

In a recent interview, the Venezuelan newspaper Ultimas Noticias quoted Rangel as saying neither the military nor the public would accept an opposition victory in the country’s 2012 presidential election. The general also told the newspaper that officers are loyal to Chavez’s socialist political project.

Rangel’s comments unleashed criticism from opponents, who object to Chavez’s efforts to inject politics into the military – including the salute that the president repeated with gusto Saturday to troops who stood at the outdoor ceremony: “Socialist fatherland or death!”

Right. You can’t spin it any other way than Hugo Chavez calling their 2012 election before a single vote has even been cast. This would be like General Petraeus saying the militray wouldn’t support anyone but a John McCain win during the 2008 election. You think that “Socialist fatherland or death!” chant from the Venezuelan military is bad until you realize that they pretty much did it to themselves.

And they may very well like him. I just have no use for a group of people who willingly vote themselves into a dictatorship. It’s stupidity at its worst and I for one wash my hands of them. When General Henry Rangel Silva starts shooting up the people of Venezuela or arresting political opponents of Chavez, I will point at my TV and laugh. I will then turn the channel to something more interesting, like maybe The Jersey Shore (if it is still on).

I’m sorry if I have offended any Venezuelan who may come accross this post, but you guys have no one to blame but yourselves. It would be like asking me to feel sorry for someone who shot themself in the foot to see what it is like. You guys will either have to live with Chavez or move out of Venezuela for the time being.

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