Life In The REC (Part One)

I’ve said this in a couple of comments, but I have joined the Lake County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC). I hope to describe what it is like in the LCREC and other entires. For ease, I will refer to them here and future “Life” entries as the REC.

I am not here to critize anyone in my local REC (even if they deserve it), because I think that would be unseemly on my part. If you are looking for drama, look elsewhere. I will just try to describe what it is like for those who are not part of the Republican Party.


I went through orientation in the last chaotic days of the election. I got in so late that I wasn’t that big of a help to my fellow precinct committeemen/women. They told me that they had already covered the precinct. Fair enough, I was able to help (before I joined) in Daniel Webster’s district and help fire Alan Grayson.

I filled out an application that asked me some basic information about myself. We have to do this every four years during the presidential election cycle, so I will have to do this again in two short years. Interesting to note: if someone disputes my placement in the REC during that time, I will be place on the ballot.

Then I went to a training class in order to learn how to organize my precinct in a get out the vote effort. Again, I was real late in getting my credentials, so I was not really effective. However I am looking forward to using the next two years to get organized for the 2012 election.

Once I turned in my paperwork and took my training class, I gave a short speech to the REC at the general meeting and they voted me in.

Get Out The Vote

One of the biggest things the local RECs are there for, is to get out the vote. Now that’s not the biggest thing we do, but it’s more or less our main goal. And on November 2nd, Lake County voted overwhelming Republican. So they think they were a huge success. Some precincts didn’t vote as much as others, but we can’t force people to vote.


The closest I can best descibed the type of committee this is, is that of a parliament. We are all Precinct Committeemen/women, then the Executive Board is our elected officers. We also conduct our meetings using Roberts Rules Of Order (I honestly have to get me a copy of this book).

I don’t know if I will run for an officer post or not, I have not decided yet.

We just clearify and expanded our by-laws last night. It was a fun debate.


Another part of our function, is to propose policy resolutions, vote on them, and then send it to other RECs of Florida.

An example of this happen the last two meetings. Florida is posed to introduce legislation that would mirror (with slight differences) Arizona’s SB 1070. We got a resolution from Martin County REC to support this legislation. However it contained a bad WHEREAS’ clause that killed it for us.

The other day, I submitted a resolution that will be brought up in our January meeting. It should be fun, because it deals with Repealing The 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution. So if it passes, it becomes the official policy of our REC to support the repeal. Then we will send it to other RECs of Florida to vote on. If enough pass the resolution, the RPOF might notice and take up the subject themselves. It will be interesting to watch the process.

Join Your Local REC

I highly recommend that everyone join their local REC, if you can. I believe power comes from the bottom-up. I think if you are unhappy with the Republican Party as a whole, then you need to join them at the grassroots and do something about it.

If you are already a local REC member, great! By all means share your story with me. By all means, please write about your own adventures in the REC. Tell us how you are making the Republican Party the conservative party of the people.

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