Gov-Elect Rick Scott: Time To Kill SunRail In Its Crib

Time to kill it. Kill it like Obama wanted to kill failed-aborted babies:

Ohio stands to receive $400 million for the program to connect Ohio’s biggest cities by rail, but Governor-elect John Kasich doesn’t want it.

“We don’t have any idea who would even ride the train. This is just the federal government wanting to spend money, and they’ve got it all wrong,” he says.

His office estimates the rail line will cost $29 million to operate and generate only $12 million dollars in ticket sales. Therefore, the stimulus dollars will create a $17 million burden for Ohio taxpayers.

“It’s going to lose money,” Kasich said. “So we’d have to put millions of dollars into subsidizing the operation and that’s not what we really need in Ohio.”

Wisconsin stands to receive $810 million to build a rail line between Madison and Milwaukee, but Governor-elect Scott Walker is refusing it.

He estimates that the rail line will create an operating expense between $7.5 million and $15 million. That would be picked up by Wisconsin taxpayers. What Walker really wants is to improve aging infrastructure.

“We have roads and bridges all across the country, certainly in Wisconsin, that need to be fixed, and I would hope the new Congress and certainly the Obama administration would give that a look,” he says.

However Rick Scott is being weak-knee about all this:

As a candidate, Mr. Scott took a dim view of the $2.6billion project, indicating that he didn’t want it in Florida if the state had to fund any part of it.

Oh come on! This should be an easy answer! Even if the federal government pays for all the building, we will still be left with the bloody thing. Let me spell this out for Rick Scott:

T. R. I. R. A. I. L. M. O. N. E. Y. B. L. A. C. K. H. O. L. E.

Tri-Rail is a money blackhole, has been for decades!! It has never made a dime!! We have been subsidizing Tri-Rail since it was built and will be subsidizing SunRail, if it is built!

I expain this some time ago and I critized Marco Rubio for waffling on this issue. Now Rick Scott is wishy-washy. This should be a no-brainer people. What is wrong with our leaders here in Florida and their love-affair with this bloody rail? Why are Florida Republicans (because it was a Republican control legislature who caved to Crist and accepted this bad deal), who should know better, be so hell-bent on getting this thing going? Will someone please tell me what this madness is all about?

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