Veterans Day Speech - "Escape From Cuba"

Little backstory:

During the last few days of the election, I was at a gas station handing out GOTV handcards to local people. One guy I happen to give out one of my handcards to, was an artist by the name of Skip Keller. He makes postcards out of old WWII war effort posters, with permission of the Pentagon. He is also a speaker and today he gave a speech at Veterans Day Observance (break out the tissues, you are going to need them):

I wish I can show you what these postcards that he makes looks like. They are just too beautiful and I can barely stand to part with any of them. However I got a couple more of one kind and will be sending one to my girl in Afghanistan. I hope she finds them just as lovely as I do.

I salute all veterans today. Without them, we would not be free today. Let’s never forget them.

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