Kathleen Parker Gets It...

Why can’t Obama get it?

Democrats have talked endlessly about the importance of narrative – missing in President Obama’s case. We’ve heard over and over about the lack of smart messaging and the president’s failure to communicate. If only Obama could better express himself, all would be well.

Seriously? This is the same president whose soaring rhetoric once sent his ratings into the heavenly realm and who, after assuming office, never stopped expressing himself.


Obama didn’t need to be a better communicator. He needed to be a better listener. End of story.

If you have been reading Kathleen Parker of late, you will realized that Obama has lost her. Kathleen Parker is still somewhat of a deaf and dumb progressive, but unlike Obama, she gets it.

I suggest you read the whole thing, because she lays out a case where Obama and Democrats (the imperial “they”) just closed their ears and plowed through an agenda the American people just didn’t want. There were red flags and they ignored them. This election, Parker argues, should be the final wake-up call to Democrats.

Honestly, I don’t think they will listen and have made up their mind it was messaging. Just head to the Daily KOS and you will see what I mean. Obama’s “Shellacking” isn’t Obama’s fault, it was the messaging and Tea Party’s slogans. Good, let them stay in their delusion.

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